Every One Counts…


Every one counts…every minute of every day. In those little minutes, there is always room for positive change- a new way of thinking, a kind word where perhaps there was none before- a chance to begin again.

Value every one of them..those minutes- because it is in those minutes that miracles occur.

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Respect Is Best…

Respect is always best.., respect for the opinions of others.

We all don’t think alike; we have all had different life experiences which shape the way we think. And one way of thinking probably is not better than another way. Everyone has a right to their own journey.

So the next tine you feel tempted to say something like “that’s not the way I would do that” remember that it’s YOUR opinion that you are putting out there’ perhaps their way is the one that is best for them…or- they know an even better way!

Let’s live and let live.

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You Are…


You are the one… you are the one who has to believe in you. You. Not your aunt, or your cousin (although it is nice if they do) because if you don’t feel it inside then nobody else is going to give that to you.
Look in the mirror now and say it- “I believe in me.”
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Think About It…

Think about it- are you really investing in your well-being? Are you taking time to review your goals and seeing if they still work for you? If so, then what are you doing to move forward with them? And if not, why not? Is it time for a new set of goals and if so, what steps will you take to put them in action.

Having a clear idea of where you want to go and why you want to get there will help make your journey easier and more productive.

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Each Day…

It really is there- and it really is all for you- each brand new day. Each one a gift from our benevolent Universe. Each one a prized to be cherished.

Forget about yesterday because it gone and it is done. So what if you made some mistakes- who doesn’t make them? The important thing is to make as much as you can of today- of right now- and move forward. Stop dragging bad memories behind you- it just weighs you down and makes you feel bad.

Celebrate each new day!

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Don’t Let It In…


Don’t let it into your life…drama.

It’s great to watch on TV, but when you let it into your life it can be a mess. Sure, there are many things to get upset about in life. But those things should not include- a chipped nail, missing the green light, having to stand an extra 90 seconds in line at the grocery store, and so on. The more you react strongly to even the most trivial situations the more you will generate the discomfort that comes from all that stuff- anger, fear, frustration-etc.

Learn to shrug off minor upsets and you will find the confidence and composure to weather the more turbulent seas of life.

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Accept yourself-as you are, Okay, so you’re not perfect but no one is. No matter what you think you see when you look at another person- they are not perfect. Their life is not perfect. They have their ups and downs; they have challenges to meet- we all have.

Accept yourself with all your “quirks” and be happy to be you. No one can do “you” better than you can. Don’t look at others and wish you had their lives- it has been said that if we all threw our problems into a hat, when we saw what some of the other problems were that we’d take ours back gladly.

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