Be Patient…


Patience is a virtue and with good reason…those who practice it have healthier, happier lives.

Be patient.It is not necessary to lay on the horn 3 seconds after the light changes. It is not necessary to drive like a wild man just so you can get home 30 seconds sooner. it is bot necessary to cut someone off just because, in your opinion, they’re not talking fast enough.

Be kind, be patient. Breathe deep and relax. Your head and your stomach will thank you and so will your heart.

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Notice them…your feelings. They are your true barometers; they are your measuring sticks and your compass about the direction you’re going in.

If something doesn’t feel right; if it feels “off” somehow then don’t ignore it. Stop and really think about what you’re doing. If it still makes you uncomfortable then maybe it’s time you changed your path…or at least made a slight adjustment

Give your inner self credit for knowing what’s best for you. Trust it. And go with your gut.

You Sure Do…

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You sure do…deserve to be happy. You sure do…deserve to wake up with a smile on your face. Your sure do…deserve to face the world in confidence and to know that your best IS good enough.

You deserve to feel peaceful. Drama belongs on the stage but not as a regular player in your life.

You deserve it…you do. Now go claim some happiness and show the door to those things that make you doubt yourself.

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You’re Okay…


You’re okay anyway…in fact you’re always okay…even if you get that feeling that another does not feel that way.
Yes, even if your friend/relative/husband/wife/significant other doesn’t agree with you or the way you act doesn’t make you wrong. It just means that they have their way of thinking and you have yours.
It means that you need to follow what feels right to you. It means that they have to follow what feels right to them.
It doesn’t make them better than you. It doesn’t make you better than them.
We are all in this together, so let’s support each other in our right to do what we feel is right for us.
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So What…

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Brush it off…the little “hiccups” of the day. So Bob in accounting doesn’t like your new dress…so what? You do and that’s the important thing.

Your neighbor Janet thinks your new car is silly…why do you need an SUV when it’s only you and your significant other? Because YOU like it, that’s why!

People are people and they will on occasion say something that might upset you and you know what, if it’s something really important or if it comes from somebody important to you then you may want to listen…though the final decision belongs to you.

Janet and Bob? Let them do their own shopping.

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Choose Wisely…


Choose wisely…the company you keep choose to friend those people who lift you up when you’re feeling out of sorts. Choose those people that make you smile. Choose to be friends with those who not only can help you but that you can assist as well. Choose those who welcome your assistance, whatever form that may take.

To those that tear you down well, wish them well and move on. They will find their place but perhaps that place is not in your life.

You deserve to feel good about yourself, always remember that.

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Find It…


Find your place. You’ll know when it feels right. Whether your place is in an office or out in the field; whether it is in a condo or a house or perhaps sharing your space with a good friend or maybe significant other or a houseful of pets…you’ll know what feels right. You’ll know what feels like YOU.

You don’t have to be what everybody else is…unless you want to. But there is a path for you; there is a road that has your name on it and it belongs to you.

So go and find it. It is waiting for you. It is where your destiny is

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