Where Is It…


Where does your passion lie? What really makes your heart leap when you think of it? You know the feeling I’m talking about… and you feel like a million dollars when you speak of it and you can speak about it for seemingly hours.

Is that the direction your life is taking? Are you routinely engaged in activities that spark your passion, in activities that give you purpose and a reason to smile so big you think you’re going to crack your face?

Or are you just going through the motions everyday wishing you could just throw the covers over your face and forget about the new day?

Take time today to find ways to make your passion part of your everyday life. It is worth the time.

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Think About It…

Roll with it…the little irritations that crop up in our lives. Put it in perspective really. Will the world really end just because you missed the bus? Is it really so terrible that your mother-in-law kept you on the phone an extra ten minutes?
Let these things roll off your back. In the grand scheme of things they are just not important and they don’t deserve the negative energy you’re generating because of them.
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Leave It…

Leave the past…in the past. Don’t drag it around you like old Ebenezer Scrooge did in “A Christmas Carol”

We can’t change the events of yesterday, or last week, or last year. But we can learn and grow from those events to make a better and brighter tomorrow if we heed the lessons the past teaches us.

But then we must break free of those chains and set out on a shiny, new, path.

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Hang In There…

Just a little more…time. Give your dream a little more time. Don’t give up so easily. It has been said that any people give up on their dream just when it was around the corner.

If it is worth dreaming about then it is worth hanging onto. Don’t let go.

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Let It Go…

Worry less. Worry is not your friend no matter how much time you spend with him. He will never sit down with you in an easy chair and talk about things that are comforting and make you smile. No, he will prefer to stand over you and whisper in your ear all the possible scenarios that could go wrong. He will tell you of disaster and ill health
Dale Carnegie once wrote “An old man was once asked what robbed him of the joy in his life. His answer was ‘Things that never happened’”
Don’t let worry rob you of your joy. You can look at him, acknowledge him for what he is and that he is there but then choose joy instead.
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Are You…

Are you…making a habit of choosing your words carefully? Are you…making a habit of thinking only those thoughts that bring you comfort and also make others smile and want to be in your company?

It is said that more than 80,000 thoughts a day pass through our minds and that most of these thoughts are negative. Just think of the power if most of those 80,000 thoughts were positive and uplifting….

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Yeah, sometimes you do…feel a little low. Sometimes you just feel a little sad or mad or…just not right.

Being a positive thinker doesn’t mean you will never feel bad. We ALL have our moments. But it DOES mean we recognize how we feel, and when we don’t feel good we take steps to make it better. We actively seek solutions so we can return to a better way of feeling as soon as possible.

After all, it really does feel so much better when our mood feels great and we have a smile on our faces.

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