You do deserve what you want in life. Success in life is not reserved for a few choice people; it is for anyone who wants it. It is for anyone who focuses on it, believes that it can happen for them and acts as if what they want is already theirs. It is for anyone who is grateful for what they have and is happy for the success of others. It belongs to all who believe in themselves.

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It Only Takes a Minute…

Be open…to the things that happen. Don’t stop in your tracks and say “oh, no!” for the very thing you are complaining about may be the very thing you need to help you move forward. Give a new situation a chance before you condemn it. Give new people a chance before you condemn them as well. It only takes a minute to turn things around But you must give it that little bit of time to see where it leads you.

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Are You Finding It?

Are you finding it- what brings you joy? Are you looking for it even? Or are you so focused on what is wrong in your life that you just don’t see all that is right with it?

Take some time and think about all the good stuff. Write it down even. If you write it down then you can just pull out your list and remind yourself of all that you have to be glad about- and then you can smile really big.

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What If?

What if, just for a day, we put our fears on a back burner. What if we said something like “Not today, fear, I’m not going to entertain you today.” What if that happened?

If we did that then fear would get the idea that he wasn’t welcome yesterday or the day before that. So then maybe he won’t come around so much anymore because you’re too busy entertaining your new friend- confidence.

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Are You Keeping Track?

Are you keeping track- of where you are and where you want to go? Do you stretch yourself to do a little extra every day- just a little more toward that goal?

Sometimes it can be really tough to get motivated, but if you just take that first step then the others come easier. The more you do the more you want to do. But you have to get going first.

Give yourself a little push today.

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Watch Them…


Watch them…your words. Words have tremendous power to help ad heal-or to destroy. What you might view as either funny or of no circumstance might be devastating to someone else. What you think was an off the cuff remark easily could remain with somebody for many years to come. Do you really want to be the cause of that?

Remember how important the power is when you speak.

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It’s been awhile, maybe years even- since you last spoke to a dear friend or relative It was probably a stupid fight; we say probably because no one even remembers anymore what caused the split. But it’s been tugging away at your heart; you try to ignore but it comes up over and over again. You want to reach out- but still you don’t.

Don’t wait. Reach out now. You know you want to reconnect.

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