The Blog Launch!


Hello everyone!  My very first blog post will go here!  But first, Beth and Joachim have to show me how to do it because all of this great technical stuff is a little out of my comfort zone.  What I really need is a 12-year-old junior high school kid to do all this 21st Century stuff…  But he’s probably off building a rocket ship somewhere, so it’s just me, the cats, and the bird right now.  Heck, they probably know more about blogging than I do!  Maybe I can talk my Jellybean Kitty into being my blogger!  Well, until tomorrow, stay positive and know that I’m right here to lend you a hand if you need some guidance with the Law of Attraction.  But you better send your message by Pony Express or Smoke Signal.  That kind of technology I can understand!!!   Love you!  DEBBIE  🙂  (Hey, it looks like I made a first post after all!!!)