Keep the Vibration High

990105417_020The happier you act the better you will feel. And, more importantly, the vibration you emit will be higher and that will attact the positive to you. Let that energy flow to be and feel happy and to let good things  come your way.


I thought the blue in this picture reminded me of “happy vibes”, so I used it.


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Use Your Brain

DockYour brain is your greatest asset when you want to manifest a goal. It has a wonderful ability to take orders from you and carry them out. So make sure your orders to it are clear and concise. Don’t confuse your brain. Let it work for you.

Could this be the dock where your ship comes in?


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Take Time For Yourself

35920006Why not treat yourself today? What do you like to do? How about a nice, relaxing massage or seeing a movie that you’ve been thinking about? Why not buy that book you’ve been wanting to read? You deserve to do something you like. It recharges your batteries and puts you in a better frame of mind. And that makes your whole day brighter, so enjoy yourself.


This picture? It’s some local scenery  from my neighborhood.


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Keep the Lid off the Limit Box

990105417_008Keep the lid off your limit box when you wish to manifest a desire with the Law of Attraction. Keep your mind open and receptive to the ideas the Universe brings to your door, and don’t gum up the “works.” It always knows what’s best for you.


This handsome guy is Como, 3 yrs old in his kitty “pirate” boat, he loves it! 


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Make It Clear

TreeYou can manifest whatever you wish by using the Law of Attraction. But you must develop a clear vision of what it is that you want. Concentrate on it and make it come to life. And don’t change it. The Universe needs to know exactly what you want so it can bring it to you. And you must provide the blueprint for it. So give it some thought, and you’ll be successful.


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Seek Joy

Autumn LeavesFind joy in everything you do. When you think about it, there is something positive in every situation. If you dig deep enough, you will find it. Then celebrate it. Do it again and again. it feels good to be happy and you deserve it!

Make today a day to celebrate:)


This picture? I just liked it. There is no significance in it but it makes me happy:)


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Attract Now

990105417_003Your desires (or goals) attract energy. Positive, happy goals which enrich your life bring you positive energy to help make them reality. Remember to visualize your goal several times a day for at least five  minutes at a time. Don’t make your goal just a fleeting thought. Concentrate on it and make it come alive. You can move closer to your dreams if you think you can.

This is a picture of an old 1920’s estate a few miles from my house. It used to be pink, but I like the green much better.


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