Forgive Yourself

GardenWe hear so much about the healing power of forgiving others, but what about forgiving yourself?  Remember that we all make mistakes, and the important thing is to learn a lesson from it and move on. Torturing yourself over the past just keeps it perpetuating in the present. Treat yourself as you would a dear friend. Forgive yourself, then close the door on the incident and start with a clean, fresh slate. There’s always a new beginning if you wish it so.


What’s the significance of this picture? Nothing. I found it on my computer and thought it was pretty:)


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Be Tolerant

35920083Do you make snide comments when you see people passing you in the street? Do you secretly criticize the way someone dresses, the way they act, or their weight? Keep in mind they are all people and they deserve to be here as do you. What they wear, how they act, etc., has nothing to do with you. Each of us makes a decision about every aspect of  our lives. And let’s not forget, those “negative vibes” you’re sending out are aimed right back at you. So, be kind, even in your thoughts:)

This “monster” was for sale at the Belleview Biltmore before it closed last month.


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There’s More Than Enough To Go Around

35920091Always be happy for someone who has a good thing happen to them. Rejoice with them and be grateful with them. When you do this, you acknowledge there is more than enough to go around for everyone, and you’re sending out those positive vibrations that let the Universe know you’re ready for some good fortune as well. Be happy and happy things will come to you, always remember that.

This is another shot of the Belleview Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater Florida.


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Come Out Of The Darkness

35920008Is this what you see when you look at the life you’re leading? Why? What are you afraid of? Have faith in yourself and in the Universe to help guide you away from “the dark” and into the bright sunlight enjoying the kind of life you always envisioned. Don’t let fear keep you in the dark. Sit down today, think about what you want, write it down, and then shake hands with the Universe. It will help you. Believe it. And when you wake up each morning you’ll see the rays of the sun shining just for you!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking  about this picture. My husband wanted to delete it, but I knew I could use it for something. See, it pays to think positive:)


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Take a Breath and Assess!

35920033Always take a breath and assess a situation before you fly off the handle. Many times, if you would just step back a little you would see a situation more clearly and be more able to handle it efficiently. Let me give you an example. Today I went to get some gas. I  used my credit card, and proceeded to put ten dollars in my tank. I drove away from the station and looked down at the gas gauge- it hadn’t moved! I went directly to my mechanic and burst into his office telling him my gas gauge must be broken, something that upset me greatly since my car is only a year old. As I proceeded to hand him my keys, the receipt for my gas fell out of my purse. I looked at it and realized I had pumped only one gallon of gas! I was so busy running around like a  chicken with my head cut off I didn’t take a breath, stop for a moment and assess what was really going on. I wasted my time getting upset over nothing. But I learned my lesson! So please, do the same. take time to stop and really see what is going on. You’ll save yourself alot of grief! And set the tone for a calm, relaxed day:)

This is a beach scene from Sanibel, Florida- nice and relaxing, isn’t it:)


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How Strong Is Your Foundation?

35920028In order for you to build the “life of your dreams”, you need to have a good relationship with the Law of Attraction. And this relationship must reach deep down within you, much like the foundation of a skyscraper goes into the ground for many hundreds of feet. It has a strong, solid foundation to support the building as it reaches for the sky. And it must be the same for you. When you trust your heart and believe in the Universe, you develop the foundation to propel yourself to touch the clouds. So believe in yourself.  And have a happy day:)


This is a photo of the Delano Hotel in South Beach.


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Why Not Be Generous?

35920042When I was in line at the grocery store today, I noticed a gentleman in gront of me buying two of everything he bought. No matter what it was, whether a can of soup or a bottle of dish detergent, there were two. I guess he noticed me looking at his stuff, because he told me that he always buys two of everything, one for himself, and one to give to the Salvation Army. He went on to say that he had been in ill health for many years and felt his time on this earth was limited. He wanted to go out “doing a few good deeds”. So he started bringing his groceries to the Salvation Army. And then he  started volunteering there a few hours a week .He said he never felt so good as when he was “giving back”. And little by little, he noticed alot of his aches and pains had disappeared. On his next physical exam, his doctor was amazed at how much his patient had improved. By doing good for others, he had found a “fountain of youth”. When good goes out in the world it is returned.


Okay, this picture isn’t exactly the “fountain of youth”  but it’s a fountain, at least:)


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