Guide Yourself

Guide your thoughts carefully, because they determine your future. Keep them in the best possible light and directed to the goals you have set for yourself. Then they can begin to produce the future you want to see!

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Open the Line

The lines of communication with your loved ones and friends should always be straight and open, like the straight line of the elevated subway tracks shown here. Your family and friends are your support system and they love and care for you. Lean on them when you need to and be there for them as well!

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Give For the Right Reason

Give for the right reason. Give freely from your heart without the expectation of getting anything in return. When you free your mind this way, you’ll make yourself and the person you’re giving to feel alot better. There’s plenty to go around!

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Up and Away

Keep those thought  vibrations high and happy! This is the quickest way to attract what you want into your life. And the more things you attract in your life that you want- the happier you’ll be~

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Hooray For You!

Give yourself a pat on the back today just for being you! You don’t need a reason, you are here on this earth and that’s enough. So celebrate yourself-you truly are wonderful!

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Look For Good

Instead of complaining about other people, why not take some time to find one positive trait in each person you meet today? It will put you in a better frame of mind and improve your relationships with others!

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Make It Better

Take time this week to be good to yourself. Go easy on yourself, and treat yourself  like you would treat your dearest friend. Forgive your mistakes and move on!

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Do It Deliberately

What do you create in your life? Do you just let things happen or do you MAKE them happen? Choose your course and be confident things will go your way-because they will if you believe it!

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Cultivate new friendships because they help you

through difficult times and help you see a postive


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It’s You

You create your own reality-no one else! So create the best possible scenario for yourself!

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