Think First

Think first before you open your mouth. What you think is funny can be downright hurtful to someone else. friendships can be irretrievably damaged. Does it mean that much to you to be unkind? Think about how you would like to be treated- because that’s the way you should act:)

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Spend some quiet thinking about how you can make your life better, more rewarding, and more stress free. Your mental and physical health is paramount and well worth a few minutes a day of your time to make it better. Let the other, more trivial things in your life take a back seat to the things you can do to make yourself feel the way you want to. remember that YOU are the most important person in your world and treat yourself accordingly! be good to yourself today and everyday:)

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Okay, the week is over, so give yourself a break! you gave each day your best shot, and, believe me, it mattered, so now lean back, relax and pat yourself on the back. it’s your time now! Leave the world behind and concentrate on the wonder that is YOU:)

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Each Day

Each day is a new opportunity for you to focus on what it will take to make your life better. What WILL it take to put the spring back in your step and the sparkle in your eye? What WILL it take for you to wake up every day with positive expextation and not sheer dread? Look deep inside yourself, and you will find the answers. And you may find that you are the best teacher of all:)

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Stand alone, if you have to. Do what you need and feel what you must feel to get where you want to be. You’ve listened to the voices of others who might have steered you wrong for far too long now. You know that feeling deep inside you- the one that says-this is your time-and so it is. so move ahead with confidence knowing that you have all you need right at your fingertips to make your life a success. live by your own rules and be guided by your own heart- no one else’s because you know best:)

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Come Out

Come out of that shell of misery and fear and doubt that you’ve been living in! Why stay in the shade when you can bask in the sun- and that is where you deserve to be. Stretch those confidence muscles before they atrophy and let then take you as high as you can soar:)

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You’re Covered

Look around you. amazing, isn’t it? All the different people, places and the beauty of land and sea. if the universe can bring all this about and maintain all its wonders, don’t you think it could help you with any problems you may have? Just relax and let it help you:)

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Forge Ahead

it’s a new week so what will it bring for you? it will bring whatever you expect it to bring, so set your sights high and sail into the week with ease. howevervyou want your week to unfold, spend a few minutes in silent visualization that all will go as you want it to. Then smile and step out the door:)

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This is YOUR day to relax and recharge! No worries here. you need this day so stretch and relax and do whatever you want to do- and smile while you are doing whatever it is that you want to do-no excuses needed! really!

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Make Yourself Happy Today

You don’t get extra points in life for being miserable- you don’t! Why would you want to deliberately want to make yourself feel bad? Make a list of all your good qualities (and yes you have them) and read them often. Pat yourself on the back and so something nice for yourself. And, if need be, make like a  duck and let negative comments roll off your back like water:)

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