I Trust Myself

Trust yourself! Have faith in what you believe and trust that your beliefs will help you attain your dreams. You don’t need the input of every person you meet on the street, they only know what is right for them and not necessarily what is good for you. Trust the little voice in your head that tells you where to go and what to do. Your life is in your hands and that’s where it should be. Don’t let others decide for you:)

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There is nothing that can disturb YOU. Money is not more important than YOU. Things are not as important as YOU. When you see  YOURSELF as the wonderful human being that you are, you will accomplish everything that you set out to do. You should love yourself and  because you do, you can love all the people around you. You see the value of yourself and  see the value of others as well. We are all here to be happy and to help each other. We are all perfect as we are!

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Shout It!

Do you know what you want? Well, don’t be shy, shout it out! Your dreams and desires are important to you, as they should be. So let the universe know what you want. Shout it out, feel it, breathe it in, become it. Act as if it is yours because it is. It is your right to be happy so act that way!

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When you give from your heart to others, you not only help them but you help yourself. You help yourself not only to the good feelings that being knid gives you, but you show the Universe that you are ready to have good things come your way. When you make a donation to a worthy cause, you show the Universe that you believe that there is abundance in the world and your monetary needs will be taken care of. We are here to help each other and show kindness to each other. When this is done you’ve aligned yourself perfectly with the bounty that the Universe will provide for you:)

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Check Your Attitude

Check your attitude. How do your feel? Did you know that abundance is an attitude? it is the attitude that everything will go your way, that your life is a gift, that there are opportunities all around you,people who love and care about you. it’s the feeling that you get when you look at a beloved pet, or a rainbow after a storm. it is the attitude that will help you make the most out of your life so cultivate it today:)

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Is your mind open? There are endless possibilities being presented to you from the Universe each day. Sometimes they are the thoughts that cross your mind and then you think to yourself “that will never work.” Why not? Don’t judge prematurely. Give each idea a chance to stand on its own merit. A closed mind doesn’t advance. A closed mind is not happy. It just stews in its own juices, and never sees the light of day. So open your mind and open the door on a new you:)

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Lack- this is what it looks like. Like nothing, blackness, doom and gloom. it’s not very pretty is it? There’s no definition, no spark, no nothing. this is what your mind looks like when you focus on lack. this is what your mood feels like when you focus on lack. So what do you think? Do you like this picture? No-then change it-click on the “abundance switch” and light up your world!

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What are you thinking? What you believe- you attract. It’s just the way it is. You can’t sit around all day thinking gloom and doom and expect your world to come up roses. You can’t spend your nights worrying and expect the dawn to bring you only great things.But when you sit and visualize how great your life can be;when you can really feel it with every fiber of your being, then the roses will bloom and the dawn will greet you with a shining blaze of light, So watch what you think and feel:)

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Judgment Free

Do you judge the people you see? Do you look at a stranger and think that you have their whole life history figured out? And if they don’t conform to your “standards” then the judgment is less than kind! Do you want someone supposing things about you that probably are not true? Then don’t do it to others-assume the best about everyone you meet!

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New Spark

Every person has at least one more spark;at least amother chance at improving their lives. Opportunities abound if you just look-waiting for you saying “take me, take me’- so are you listening?

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