Let it Happen

Let things happen as they are supposed to. Let the universe take care of it. Just give it your order, but let it take care of getting it to you in its own way. It always knows the best way to get you what you want. Don’t try to manipulate things because you’ll just get in the way. Visualize what you want but then let go of it. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the journey. You want to get to your destination relaxed and refreshed and not in a nervous mess:)

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2 thoughts on “Let it Happen

  1. great post – thank you.

    often we push and push so hard to attempt to make things happen that we are compeltely stressed out and end up pushing opporutnities away or even forgettign to notice them as our minds are so focussed on the end result and we sidertack ourlseves instead of enjoying the journey and appreicating everything we do have.

    Oftentimes lack of confidence and belief in ourselves contributes to this lack of relaxation and letting things flow

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