Stress Free

You don’t need this to keep you stress free. it really only helps for a little while and then you’re back to square one. Learning to step back and take a breath is so much more effective. Taking the time to do a short meditation is so much more effective. And it feels so much better in the long run. Trials in life will come and go so if you learn to deal effectively with them your life will be so much smoother:)

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Take a Look At This!

Positive thought counseling makes a great gift! Many people get depressed during the holidays because they are alone, have to work, etc. And sometimes they get upset because they will be seeing family members with whom they may have some differences.

During the month of December when you purchase any online or telephone counseling I will donate 25% of the fee to Rikki’s Refuge, a non-profit, no kill shelter where all animals can live a happy life. They even have an assisted living section! Currently, 1200 animals live there full time.

Now I know what you’re thinking (didn’t know I was psychic did you, LOL) December is a busy month and you may not want to start counseling right in the middle of it while you’re cooking your holiday turkey! You can purchase NOW and if you wish you can start in January as part of the goals you set for yourself for the New Year!

Please check out my site at Counseling fees start at only 39.95 for 30 days and there are no contracts! That’s just a little over one dollar a day. We can address as many issues as you want to in that time period and it includes daily support:)

Thank you, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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Take a Moment

Take a moment. To relax and recharge your batteries. Stop what you’re doing (unless you’re already relaxing then you may continue) stretch, yawn and wiggle those toes. Walk around a little. Go outside and watch the squirrels go up and down the trees. Turn that “on” switch in your head to “off” and take the time to get a different perspective on things. Clearing your mind makes you more effective. Rushing around with paperwork in your hand, squinting at the writing in front of you until you can’t see straight, well, that doesn’t really help you. So take a break today. Then notice the difference in how you feel and the results you get:)


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Get Out Of Your Own Way

Ego- it’s not necessarily a good thing. It gets in the way-alot. When you set a goal for yourself and you sit down to meditate and visualize-there it is-your ego. “This is a waste of time” it says. “You’ve set goals before and never achieved them. What makes this time different?” And so you listen. You get up walk away and turn on the television. And ego wins.

But ego is wrong. You can get where you want to go, you can do the things you want to do. But it takes commitment. Yes, it does take visualizing a positive outcome, it does take writing your goals down and reviewing them as many times during the day as your feel the need to. It does take plastering a smile on your face and leaving it there. But that’s not the hard part. The hard part is doing all that when your ego comes to call. “You tried this before and it didn’t work,” it tells you. But instead of agreeing try talking back to it. “Oh yeah? Well you know what, I’m sick of you. You’ve made my life sad when it could’ve been happy. So look over there, ego. See that open door? Walk through it, close it behind you and don’t ever come back here. I’ve got plans and they don’t include you.”

Now get to work!

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Help Make the Holidays Special!!!

Help make the holidays special!!! During the month of December Optimist Forever is partnering up with Rikki’s Refuge, a non profit, no kill shelter which helps all animals, even those with disabilities!

When you purchase any online, telephone, or combination counseling, Optimist Forever will donate 25% to the shelter!!!!

So help make it a wonderful holiday season for both the animals and you!!! And we’re both thanking you in advance!!

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The Story of Tiffany ( No, Not the Jewelry Store)

As many of you know, I am an animal lover. My husband, well, not so much. And since we already had six cats, he certainly didn’t want another. I keep saying “If I got another cat, I’d name her “Tiffany.” (Some of the other names of my cats are Chanel and Prada) Anyway, my husband said the whole thing was moot because we weren’t going to get another cat. But every time I saw a cat I’d say to myself “there’s got to be a Tiffany.”¬† Some way, some how there will be. And every time I said that my husband said “No way.”

Anyhow, one Friday afternoon I was driving down the street past the S.P.C.A. and I heard a little voice inside me saying “go in” Now, I didn’t need much persuasion so I turned the wheel into the parking lot (oh and the rest of the car, too;) I went inside to look around and a little tortoisehell kitten (did I mention they’re my favorites) caught my eye. I walked into the glassed in area where she was and sat down. The little kitten jumped up and put her head on my shoulder. Around her neck was a white collar. It said “Tiffany.”

As I write this Tiffany is sleeping. On my husband’s lap:)

And you said you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction? Think again.

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Try Smiling!

Try smiling! C’mon do it now- I’m watching you! There ya go, now lift the other side of your mouth as well….. oh hang on, I’ll go get the WD-40;) There, done! Now doesn’t that feel better?

Think about it. It feels great to smile. It feels great to laugh. And once you get into that positive frame of mind and stay there- it’s easier to find solutions to problems. When you’re sitting there “stewing in your own juices” as the saying goes, your negative energy just generates more negative energy. It not only feels bad but the decisions you make when you’re in that state of mind are no bargains either.

So stop what you’re doing, go stand at the mirror, and plaster a big ole smile on your face. Then notice the difference:)

This is Dillon and see, he’s smiling!

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Step Up!

Stop sitting there feeling sorry for yourself. No, I’m not being mean and you know why? Because you can do it, that’s why!! You are a complete, wonderful person with all you need right between those two ears of yours and right within the heart that beats within your chest. You just need to see it. It’s like this staircase here. You start at the bottom and then you take a step up. And up again. Do you feel it? Do you feel the change? Each step you take you feel more confident. And each step brings you closer to getting the things you want. Sitting there feeling sorry for yourself=a big zero, Zilch, nada! Taking the first step= confidence, enthusiasm, joy! So that’s the end of the math lesson for today! Get up and get going:)

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Counseling with Optimist Forever

I can help you break through the barriers that hold back your success. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that make you afraid, the ones that make you feel like you are less than everyone else, the ones that make you throw the covers over you head in the morning¬† instead of greeting the day with joy and positive anticipation.

My personal counseling is effective and affordable and includes daily support. So why not try it today? You deserve to live life the way you really want to. And please check out my website at for other products that will help you on your journey towards a happier, more positive life:)

Just go to to get started:)

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The sun rises and sets each day. You are sure of that fact. You never wonder about it. Even when it’s cloudy out and you can’t see the sun you know it’s happening.

What about you? Do you make decisions and wonder if it’s the right one? And after you made it, or think you’ve made it do you change your mind? Do you doubt yourself—-constantly? But you don’t doubt that the “sun will come out tomorrow” like the song says, do you?

How about if you applied that certainty to the things you decide to do. What if you couldn’t fail? What if your goal comes to fruition and you know that it will, just like when you see the rays of the sun bursting out from the clouds?

Have courage in yourself. Have courage that you can make the right decisions for yourself. And once you make, them stand pat. And watch the sun come out tomorrow with a smile:)

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