Vibrations- we all have them. And on a day when things are going well, when the sun is shining and the birds are singing those vibes are happy-and they  set the wheels in motion for more happy things to come your way-all good!

But sometimes this is not the case. It’s raining outside and the birds that were singing before it started to rain have pooped on your nice clean windshield. You’ve feeling bad–and finding more things to feel bad about by the minute.

So stop! Turn it around! Get out of that bad feeling avalanche before it buries you. Think of something funny- what made you bust out laughing the last time your heard it? Well think about it again–c’mon- you can do it–now smile! Think of your kid, or your dog, or your goldfish-something or someone you love—and smile again! See- you’re feeling better aren’t you?

So my prescription reads- repeat as necessary:)

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Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Vibrations

  1. Excellent advice Debbie 😉

    Turn those feelings around instantly when you feel low energy coming on. Your feelings dictate where you’re headed; better align yourself!

    Thanks for sharing!


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