Break Time

Break time-we all need some. We all need and deserve some relaxation but many times we deny ourselves thinking we’ll get more done by working more quickly and longer. But a tired mind and spirit delivers little power. It’s like an engine struggling to get uphill when it’s almost out of gas.

Don’t be like that engine. Stop, rest, and recoup. Do something you enjoy and don’t feel guilty about i t.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the renewed energy you have and all that you can get accomplished if you take things in stride. So the next time you start to feel pressured and  overwhelmed, stop for a little R&R:)

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Free Yourself

Free yourself. Even if it’s just for a day. Let the worries scatter on the wind. Stand on the highest plateau you can find and yell out “I’m free! For the first time I’m free.”

Let you concerns go. Really for once trust that the Universe will find a faster, better, and easier way to deal with  your issues.

All that lost sleep did nothing for you. All that pacing the floor did nothing for you. All that complaining did nothing for you. You still had your problems and now you felt worse.

Go ahead, imagine that your standing on top of the plateau in the picture. Now “scoop” up your problems, “throw” them up into the wind and wave good bye. Say a silent prayer of thanks. Now dig down into your heart and say “Universe, take care of these. I know you know how.”

Try it, even if it’s just for a day or even an hour. Now feel the difference:)

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Frustrations- we all have them. No matter how positive we are some negative things will crop up in our lives. Bit it’s how we deal with them that makes the difference.

Do we dwell on what’s wrong, playing the hurt we feel over and over again like re injuring an old wound or do we learn from our experiences and move on? Can we see what the problem is work on a solution and have faith in the solution we’ve worked out?

It’s like that song from “Annie”. You know the one “Tomorrow”. The sun will come out tomorrow but if you have your umbrella open you just might not see it:)

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Confidence-do you have it? Do you believe in yourself and your abilities to make the goals you set for yourself a reality?

Do you wake up with a smile on your face ready to greet the day and make it your own? Do you find solutions quickly and easily?

Do you have faith in your own opinions and while you respect the opinions of others you value your own view more?

Do you know anyone like that? No? Then let me introduce you to someone who has all these wonderful qualities right inside them. Step over here. That’s it just a little further. Right here. Now look in the mirror and introduce yourself 🙂

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Just Wait

Whatever or wherever it is, we’re in a rush to get there. No matter what- we’ve got to get somewhere-fast!

Why not just relax and let things unfold as they should? Why not settle back into that nice chair and let the world go by?

Don’t look around, you know I’m talking to you. Let it go. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off won’t make things happen any faster or any better- but it could bring you a heck of a stomach ache.

So at least, just for today-just wait and see what happens:)

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See the Big Picture

Don’t get bogged down by petty things. Don’t let every little “glitch” in the road throw you off your path, just step around it.

See the big picture. Know where you want to go and keep your eyes fixed on your prize. When you drive you keep your eyes ahead of you. You don’t look side to side because you’d get nowhere fast.

It’s the same with the ideas that you have; the goals you set for yourself.Let the little stuff go. Just look at the big picture of your dream all lit up at the end of the road:)

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Compassion. It’s such an important trait to have. You never really know how another person feels deep in their heart-what challenges they fear-what goes on in their minds. What seems silly and insignificant to you may be a major stumbling block to someone else.

And the same goes for you. Ever get angry because something that concerned you deeply was simply “blown off” by somebody else who might have told you something like “don’t be ridiculous!”

How did that feel  to you? Did you feel that you were being “ridiculous” or were you hurt by that remark? Did you wonder how the other person could “dismiss” something that was so important to you?

The word here is “compassion” and it is a two way street. Try using it today. It will make the world a better place:)

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Try Love

Try love. The next time someone annoys you (and you know they will) stop first and think about why they’re acting the way they are. Does it really have anything to do with you or is it just the result of the way they are?

People’s experiences in life shape the way they become and many times, it may have nothing at all to do with you. Someone may be sarcastic because that’s what they were exposed to as kids. or a little on the “cold” side because that’s also what they were shown.

They also could be having a bad day. maybe they got a flat tire on the way to work or they just found out that their mother-in-law is moving in with them.

So cut them some slack. Instead of getting mad just send them some loving thoughts. You may be very surprised at the difference it makes.Treat others the way you want to be treated:)

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Today be peaceful. Go outside and look at the beauty of nature and just melt into it. For once-let all thoughts go. Let the future take care of itself. Just relax and let calm watch over you. Sleep a deep restful sleep and let it regenerate all the cells in your body.

For once-let -it go:)

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