Get What You Expect

You get what you expect. Expect nothing and get nothing. Expect trouble and it will find you at every turn. Expect things to be difficult and be prepared to be stymied. Expect an argument and be prepared for a fight.

But expect the best and find it. Expect to be happy and the sun will shine on you. Expect things to go the way you want to and it will be smooth as silk.

Either you have positive expectation or you don’t. If you don’t be prepared for a rough ride:)

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You’re Responsible

You are responsible-for your own happiness! It’s not going to drop out of the sky, it’s not going to arrive on a big white horse while you sit around staring out the window.

You have to make it happen- by your thoughts, your actions and the gratitude that you show for the things you already have. Getting annoyed every time for some little thing or being jealous for anything somebody else gets wont add to your happiness-but it will take away from it really quickly.

Happiness comes from inside you. And if you don’t feel it then nothing external will get it for you. Nothing. Not ever. End of story.

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Let It Go

At the  end of the day let it go. All the hurt, all the anger, all the garbage that floats around in your head and makes you miserable. It does you no good to hold to it- to play tired old scenarios in your head until it makes you feel like you’re going to explode. Instead take a moment to let it all fall away and watch it crumble at your feet and get swept away by the wind. Feel how wonderful it is to be rid of the burden of hate, of fear, of sorrow. What’s done is done and you can’t undo the past. But you can march confidently into the future and with a peaceful, powerful mind:)

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Have passion for the things you want in life. Take the time to take the steps that lead you toward your dreams. Don’t blow your dreams off by saying “I don’t have time” or “It’s too much trouble.” Always believe that you’re worth the time and trouble that it takes to make the difference in your life. Don’t  put your dreams on the shelf only to dust them off occasionally and put them back. They should always be with you, a part of you-your passion.

Being passionate about your dreams is telling the universe- “I’m ready and I’m worth it!”

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It’s Always Working

It’s always working- the Law of Attraction. Yep, it’s bringing you everything that you think about and feel about. No matter what it is. Jealous of someone- there’s more for you to be jealous about. Worried about something- there’s a basket of worry deposited at your front door.

But when you smile, when you’re happy then the world opens up to you to bring more happiness your way. When you are confident- you stand up straight and greet the world with a smile. The sun shines and the birds sing. All is as it should be.

So, knowing this- what will be your choice? Will you harness the Law of Attraction for all the good it will do- or will you use it to bring yourself down, down, down?

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Choose the way you want to live. Choose the things you like. Choose the way you want to feel.

This is because it IS your choice. Your future is where it has always been- in your own two hands. But it is your choice whether to keep it there or give it away. That’s what happens when you let others control your life- you give your future away to them.

And how do we do that? By valuing others’ opinions over your own; by feeling that you are not worthy of the things you want.

No one can live your life better than you can. You were given this life so cherish it and rely on your own inner voice to guide you to your greatest good:)

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Improve Yourself

Do you spend a lot of time complaining about the behavior of other people? Then improve yourself. Are you doing all you can do each day to make it better than the day before? Are you visualizing the best possible outcome of your day, do you wake up each day and count your blessings? Do you do your best to reach out to those people who may need a smile and a kind word? Do you do your best on ever task assigned to you?

If you are- congrats and keep going. But if you’re spending your time complaining about your boss, your spouse, the dog, the milkman or your Aunt Fannie then maybe it’s time to stop complaining about them and concentrate on you. People who strive to be the best they can be often do become the best and the best have little time (or inclination) to complain about others.

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