Each day you are given something. it’s called a choice. You can chose to be happy or sad. You can chose to look for the best or just hide under the covers. You can chose to smile or to curse your head off. You can shuffle along or you can dance to your own music.

What will make you feel the best? Humm…………

Nope, I won’t tell you. It’s for you to decide. It’s your choice!

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Act As If

Want to be more confident? Want to manifest your goals? One of the quickest way to get there is to act “as if” you already have the things you want.

Are you shy? Well if you did have confidence how would you act? How would you dress, how would you walk, how would you talk? Why not dress and act that way NOW.

Norman Vincent Peale was one of the greatest positive thinkers of this generation. He always preached that we should act “as if” we already have the traits we desire, for when we do this we bring ourselves into alignment with our dreams and once we do that, well, those dreams can be seen clearly coming right towards you. Go ahead, try it today! What have you got to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? Everything!

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Slow Down

Slow down- you’ll actually get more done and feel better doing it. Rushing around just makes you mad, anxious, makes you forget things and you  just do a crummy job.

Not everything is a race, and unless you’re a sprinter, you might want to bring it down a notch.

It’s just like the cat that weaves in and out of traffic and guns the engine every change it gets. Somehow they end up at the same traffic light with the car that was going 35 mph and the driver of that car isn’t all nervous and bothered. So learn to slow down and appreciate what you’re doing. You heard the old adage “slow and steady wins the race” and its so true:)

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New You

It’s a new day and it’s a new week. It brings fresh opportunity to those who know how to make the most of it. And one of the ways to make the most of it is to let the past go.

We all make mistakes and its true, some are bigger than others but its what we learn from them that makes the difference. Living them over and over get us nowhere. It only prevents us from gathering the energy we need to move on.

Give yourself a break. Bury the past and leave it buried. Don’t keep digging it up and looking at it in sorrow. The rest of your life is waiting for you, all bright and fresh. So meet it halfway, won’t you?

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Worry Free Day!

Just for today put those worries in a box and bury the box way, way in back of your closet. You know the place. Where you still have your prom dress even though the prom was 40 years ago. Where you still have the tux you wore to your best friend’s wedding even though he’s been married and divorced 3 times already. In that place where you never visit. Put the box there. At least for one day and if you’re lucky the box will suffer the same fate as the dress and the tux and you will never see that box again. And won’t life be so much better without it:)

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Have Fun!

Have fun! Take a day, any day (how bout tomorrow) and do something you like- in fact do a lot  of the stuff you like! Go to that movie, go visit that friend, take the kids to the zoo and-well, you get the idea. Stop saying you’re gonna do it and just do it!

I know. you’ve been waiting for the right time, you’ve been waiting for a sign, yadda, yadda, yadda. Consider this your sign. I wrote this for you. Yes you- don’t look around you there’s nobody else there. Let loose and just do it!

When you respect yourself enough to do the things you like, when you respect yourself enough to take a break and recharge, then that is when you’ll respect yourself to know you have what it takes to take your life to new heights:)

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Be the Light

Don’t wait for someone to smile at you- why not smile first? That senior struggling with her groceries could use some help- why no give her a hand? Your neighbor who always seems so sad when you pass him in the hallway- why not invite him in for a cup of coffee?

As you read this, hundreds of people would love to have someone stop and pay attention to them, to listen to their problems. Hundreds of people would love to know somebody cared about them- that they mattered to somebody. Each person you see- remember- that person is someone’s mother or father, or someone’s brother or sister-and they should be treated with respect and caring. If you were alone, wouldn’t you want somebody to reach out to you?

Get Happy

C’mon look around you- there’s got to be something to be happy about! Even if it’s a bird or a flower or a cloud that looks like your Aunt Fannie’s hat-you’ll see something if you look!

Take time each day to do something funny or something that makes you happy. You’ll be surprised at how it will make your day go smoother. It takes the pressure off. And when you’re calm and collected then the creative juices start to flow. You’ll get ideas that come out of the blue and wonder how you didn’t see such a simple solution a long time ago. That’s because you were concentrating too hard!

Taking time to have fun isn’t frivolous and it’s not a waste of time. It’s important for your mental and physical health. Don’t overlook having a good time:)

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Sunshine- it’s there if you look for it. It doesn’t always have to be in the sky, it can be in your heart. It can be in your mind and in your attitude. And it can spread to others if you let it.

Sunshine can be found in the darkest places if you look for it. And you can manifest it in a smile.

It’s up to you what you see when you look to the sky. It’s up to you what you see when you look inside your heart. You can see the sun or you can see the clouds. Your life always was and always will be what you make of it:)

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Let it Unfold

You know what you want. You meditate on it, you visualize it, you even put it up on your vision board. So now that you have done that-just let it go. Let the universe decide the best way to bring it to you. Don’t worry about the “how” or the “when” know that the great order taker has heard you and has set the plans in motion.

Relax and let it unfold. Don’t knit pick with the little details, wondering of this is the right thing, or that thing or, well you know where I’m going with this. Be peaceful and be confident. There is real power in that. And in that space is where dreams come true:)

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