Desire- do you have it? You must want something to bring it about- not just a passing fancy, you know what I mean- the kind of thought that starts with- wouldn’t it be nice if.. and goes from there. And then that “wouldn’t it be nice if” disappears as another one takes its place.

That is not desire. Desire is a real burning passion to make something happen. Its something you think about, dream about, plan about, make it the center-of-your-life about. It sets your heart aflame. Its with you as you start your day and its the last thing you think of at night.

This is the stuff that dreams are made of- it is the cement of your goals. So the question is “do you have it?”

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When you feel anger rising up in your throat- step back and be calm. As you count to ten (or longer if need be) remind yourself that whatever the situation is that it isn’t the end of the world. Keep silent, words blurted out in rage can scar permanently.

I know it isn’t easy, but its worth it. Think back on your own experiences; each of us probably remembers a time when they wish they would have kept quiet and given it some thought. Getting upset won’t help you make a good decision either, in fact it almost guarantees that you’ll say or do something you’ll regret later.

This is something worth practicing and it gets easier each time. No one want to remember the time that they carried on like a banshee, but they do smile when they remember how cool and collected they were and how well the situation turned out.

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Belief- is such an important element when it comes to the Law of Attraction. You must believe that what you want, what you dream about, is in your reach. You must believe that you can reach out and touch it and make it your own. You must believe that you deserve to have the things you desire, that they already belong to you. You must believe that you possess all you need right inside you-you must believe that ou can make it happen.

You must believe that all will happen as it should. You must believe that each step unfolds for your ultimate benefit.

For if there is no belief, then there is nothing.

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Just for Today

Just for today- let it go! Your hate, your anger, your fear, your insecurities-let them drop away and for once embrace the silence. you don’t need all that clutter. You need peace and contentment so today-go look for that and let the rest go down the drain. You just may lime it so much you’ll do it everyday!

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Do It Now

Do it now- whatever it is. Sounds like a song, doesn’t it? But its true- when you have a goal, when you have a dream, take that step, jump in that pool- just get going. Do something to get going and you’ll find your next step will be even easier.

It’s your dream-it’s waiting for you- so can’t you at least meet it halfway?

Go ahead take that first step and-do it now!

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It’s What You Make It

Any situation ends up being what you make of it. If you expect things to go smoothly, if you expect to be able to smile through it then you usually will be able to smile.

But if you expect the worst it is there at your door to greet you. if you expect to scowl and sweat, you usually will do exactly that.

Your attitude will determine what happens good or bad. So how will you play it?


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Use It

Use it-your imagination that is! What would you like to be? Where would you like to go? Anything is possible when you open up your mind to what could be….

And that’s the key. open up your mind. Don’t keep it closed with fear and worry. Keep it open with love and confidence. Your life can be anyway you want it to be- but ya gotta use your imagination first!

Don’t delay.. Its right there waiting for you to use it…your imagination:)

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Smile! It makes you feel better. Smile! It makes you look better!

It makes someone else feel warm and happy to be smiled at. And smiles are contagious. Once one person smiles others start doing it as well. It starts a happy chain reaction!

So do it now, smile, I’m watching you (and I’m smiling)

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Slow Down

Take a day and…slow down. Let the hustle and bustle keep on without you. For once, take some time to do something you like and take your time doing it. There’s no need to rush around. Leave the laundry, leave the dishes-they won’t grow legs and walk away and if they do-great-you won’t have to worry about it.

We all need some “down time”-time to reflect and recharge. Time to review where we want to go and time to decide the best way to get there.

Those decisions can’t be made while simultaneously washing dishes, doing a report, cleaning the house, studying, etc…

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What you Get

There’s a song that goes ‘What you see is what you get” but, with the Law of Attraction it should go more like “What you FEEL is what you get.”

Go around all day thinking thoughts of defeat, fear, worry, disaster, or any other not-too-pleasant thing and somehow it arrives by an invisible express messenger right to your door.

But think thoughts of success, happiness, prosperity, love or any other very pleasant thing and it also arrives via invisible express messenger right to your door. And both times, your package will have the exact same note plastered to the front of it and it reads “Here is what you’ve been waiting for.”

So what will be inside YOUR package today

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