Forgive- you’ll feel a lot better for it. Holding on to grudges and hate only makes you sad.. and sick. Rage can give you a heck of a headache, and stomach problems, and anxiety problems- and who needs it?

And you’re only hurting yourself. You’re mad, you’re angry, you’re runny around saying (or muttering under your breath) that *****! I hope she/he drops dead! What nerve! And then you stand there, stomach in knots, wringing your hands, while the “object” of your rage goes happily on his/her own way unaffected by all the drama you think you’re inflicting on them.

So give it up already! Let it go because there’s nothing to gain by holding a grudge:)

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Reach just a little further today. Just take that small extra step and see how you feel. Don’t put it off until tomorrow for that tomorrow never seems to get here.

Ideas come to us for a reason. And when they come to us they say  “c’mon do it NOW.  Just a little more. You can do it. But keep it going. Today, when you stop to sit down and call it a day  just pick up the phone, or the book, or your computer or whatever it is that will take you one step further and reach for it- take that step:)

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