Treat People Well

Treat others well- just like the way that YOU would like to be treated. Respect others the way you want to be respected. Try this and watch your life turn around for you can’t criticize, judge and generally talk badly about others with attracting all that negativity right back to you:)

So What?

So what if people criticize what you’re doing? It’s how you feel about it that counts.There will ALWAYS be somebody who says something “negative” about your plans and it’s up to you to filter it out. Does it really have any validity? Okay, then maybe you should give it some consideration. But if it comes from a source that you have doubts about yourself, then let it go and keep marching to your own music:)

Just Get Up

So you fell, so something you tired didn’t work out- get up and try again. Just try it a different way. Don’t turn a temporary set back into a permanent defeat. Don’t take a rain shower and turn it into a monsoon. We all fail and we all make mistakes. But it’s what we do with that mistake that makes the difference. Learn from it and move on and you’re sure to be a smashing success. Remember the old adage “there’s a silver lining in every cloud.”

There’s a Whole New World

There’s a whole new world waiting for you if you open your heart and your mind. There’s a whole new world always waiting for you when you stop, appreciate what you already have and then smile at the horizon knowing that “your ship” is right around the corner and only your positive thoughts can bring it right to your door and ring your bell:)

You Let it

You have no right to complain about what you allow to happen. if you let people take advantage of you, they will. if you allow people to disrespect you they will. it is when you value yourself that others will value you as well.

See this cat? This is not his bed but the dog allows him to sleep in it and she sleeps on the floor-what’s wrong with this picture?

Look for the Good

Don’t focus on what’s “wrong” with you; focus on what’s “right” Concentrate on your good qualities and build on them. Spend time on things that you do well and enjoy.

Make it as practice to look for all the good you see each day and downplay those things which aren’t so great. Keep a laser like focus on what you want and what you can do to help it become a part of your life:)


Jump! Don’t stand at the edge like a little puppy afraid of the storm. Embrace your goals with all your heart and soul and go with it. i remember reading a quote that said something like “ships are safe in the harbor but that’s not what ships are made for.” And you are the same- you are here to experience life to the fullest. You are here to be joyful and abundant- so get to it!

Be Patient

Don’t get mad and all upset when things don’t go exactly as you planned for these little “detours” may be just what you need to complete it. And isn’t it better to get where you want to go without the headache? I think so:)



Focus on what you want. All that other background noise, like other people telling you that you can’t do something…let it fade.

Energy flows to what you hold in your thoughts. Why not use that energy to your advantage and concentrate on what you want to have happen. Harness the incredible power of the Universe to help you. Be like a beam of light as it cuts through the darkness:)