You Are Not Your Past

A past- we all have one. And you know what- for most of us (yes me included) it hasn’t been a Ozzie and Harriet existence. We’ve had people reject us, we’ve had people yell at us and belittle us. And yeah, it came fromĀ  people that should love us the our parents. But we must remember that even they are human and carry their own baggage and they very often revisit the hurt they felt on us.

Shake it off. You are your own person with your own personality and your own desires and goals. Let the “garbage” from the past go..and view a whole new world just waiting to greet you:)

Get Out There

Get out there- for “out there” is where you make your dreams come true. “Out there” is the place to meet the people, places, and things that will help you on your way. “Out there” is where you can observe all around you and decide what you want and what you’ll let go. If you stay under your rock the only thing you’ll get is moss in your hair- and I understand that its tough to shampoo out;)