Be Patient

Don’t get mad and all upset when things don’t go exactly as you planned for these little “detours” may be just what you need to complete it. And isn’t it better to get where you want to go without the headache? I think so:)



Focus on what you want. All that other background noise, like other people telling you that you can’t do something…let it fade.

Energy flows to what you hold in your thoughts. Why not use that energy to your advantage and concentrate on what you want to have happen. Harness the incredible power of the Universe to help you. Be like a beam of light as it cuts through the darkness:)

Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up. Don’t let the sun set on your dreams. Most people give up when success was just around he corner Don’t let that be you. Keep going and see the sun rise on your dream and a new world open up because of it:)

Give Yourself a Break

Give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be kind to yourself first and you’ll find it a lot easier to be kind to others. Value yourself. If there’s something you want to do- then do it. Don’t constantly brush your needs aside to take care of others, for you will only become resentful. So today, put yourself first:)

Yeah Ya Should

Yeah ya should be grateful. Yeah ya should say thank you.

Think about it, we all have something to be grateful for. Family, friends. pets, a place to live, a beautiful day- whatever it is- let those positive vibes find you so they can bring you even more good- and you can feel even better:)

Are You Clear?

Are you clear on what you want? Or do you change your mind every five minutes? Do you want this, but then no, what Jane has is better, and yeah, I wanted a yellow compact car but hey, Joe up the block has that new red SUV- maybe that would be better.

I kinda like my job but it’s kinda boring so maybe I should go into sales like Mark. I kinda like my condo but maybe a townhouse like Sheila has is better.

Ya know what? The Universe has one eye open looking at you and saying, “yeah, I kinda want to give him/her what they want but I kinda don’t really know because they keep changing their minds.” So drop the “kinda” and get clear!