Happy New Year!!!

It’s a New Year and a new start for you if you want to take it. It’s a new year and time to believe in yourself. It’s time to finish that project that you’ve shoved to the back of the shelf.

Its your time to shine! Its your time to realize the power and ability you possess but seem to always deny that it is there. it is a new day, a new year. It is now up to you what you do with it:)

Just a Few Words…

You areĀ  worth it. Whatever it is you want you should have it. but it takes believing in yourself.

As we approach the new year, make a new best friend…yourself:)

Your Voice

Your voice…what does it say to you in the middle of the night? Does it comfort you, does it tell you it will be alright? Or does it tear you apart?

What it says to you at night is a result of what you tell it during the day so watch what you tell it:)

Yeah, You Really Can

Yeah, you really can turn your life around…if you really want to. But how many times do you say you’re gonna do something and then not do it? How many times do you start something and not see it to the finish?

It all makes a difference. Stay on your path, do what needs to be done and reap the rewards:)

Keep Calm

Keep calm when things get out of hand. Don’t keep the anger going by focusing on it.

Instead watch a funny movie, go for a walk, have a cup of tea, do whatever it takes to out you in a more, relaxed mode.

Don’t keep hate alive. Don’t let negative emotions destroy you or your relationships. Change the picture:)

Let It Flow

Let things unfold as they should. Stop trying to change the people around you or manipulate things to tun out a certain way.

Have faith that things will work out as they should and then enjoy the rest of the ride:)

New Day

It’s a new day and a clean slate for you. What do you want to change? What goal can you move closer to? The day is yours to make or break as you see fit:)

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and and to those who don’t, have a wonderful day!

Take sometime to appreciate all the wonderful qualities you have today and do something nice for yourself or someone else:)

Tis The Season…

yep it’s the season to be grateful for whatever you have. What am I grateful for? All of you, my wonderful husband, my dad and my seven kitties and my bird. I am grateful for my friends, my home, and the beautiful weather. Think about it…what are you grateful for?

Give It A Rest

Give it a rest…a rest from the worry, the anger, the fear, the feeling of “I’m just not good enough”

Because you are good enough to make your life just the way you want it to be:)