Do You?

Do you expect the best? or do you expect the worst to always befall you?

Our friend the Law of Attraction is always working to give us what we dwell upon the most. That being said, it is your thoughts and feelings that will ultimately determine how things turn out for you:)

Calm Down

Calm down! Running around like a chicken with your head cut off doesn’t help you. It doesn’t help you effectively deal with problems, in fact it just makes it worse.

So calm down, take a breath, drink some water, rethink and then…attack your problem with a clear head:)


Yeah sometimes in the mist of it all you just have to let it go…and let it happen..the way it was meant to unfold…even if you feel differently..just relax and know there is a greater good out there…let it work out the way it should…


Forgive someone today. Forgiving then will set you free from the resentment and heartache you’ve been carrying around with you. Many times, the person you’re angry with doesn’t even know you’re mad. They go about their day whistling and smiling and you go about your day groaning and grimacing. Does that really makes sense to you?

Live For Today

Live for today. Sure, you can plan for tomorrow but constantly worrying about it only robs you of all the joys you COULD be experiencing cherishing each moment.

Don’t create a horror in your mind about tomorrow that may never come and ruin the present as well:)


Concentrate on what’s important to you. There are so many thoughts that cross our minds each day…do this or do that…that often we lose sight of what we really want.

Tale time to really focus on what you want with the positive expectation that the way to get it will be shown to you:)

Envy Is Not Your Friend

Envy…it’s not your friend. It doesn’t make you feel good, it does nothing to enrich your relationships…envy is just a total “downer”

And, thanks to our friend the Law of Attraction, we tend to get more of what we focus on. And when we are envious guess what we get more of? More stuff to be jealous about, so don’t make firends with envy:)