Patience is a virtue and with good reason…those who practice it have healthier, happier lives.

Be patient.It is not necessary to lay on the horn 3 seconds after the light changes. It is not necessary to drive like a wild man just so you can get home 30 seconds sooner. it is bot necessary to cut someone off just because, in your opinion, they’re not talking fast enough.

Be kind, be patient. Breathe deep and relax. Your head and your stomach will thank you and so will your heart:)

You Do!

You do deserve to have good things happen to you. Don’t throw good fortune away, don’t dismiss it as being “too good to be true” there’s no such thing. You are worth it every bit of it. So relax and enjoy when good things knock on your door:)

Your Thoughts Will Decide

Your thoughts will decide for you…how things go. Your thoughts  will decide if you have a day filled with peace and calm or if you have a day strewn with misery.

Your thoughts…YOU…it is your decision which thoughts to reach for to make you feel better, to make you more productive, to give you peace. Nothing outside of yourself just you:)

Why Are You Waiting?

Why are you waiting? Are you waiting for the perfect time? Perfect conditions? Perfect feelings?

Then you may wait forever. You know the old saying “you snooze, you lose?”…don’t wait to make your life better. Pursue your dream today…right now:)


Push…on those days when you just don’t feel like it. Push…and see your mood start to change for the better. And after the “push” see how much you get done and how much fun you had doing it so don’t give up!

New Start!

It’s a new week so why not make it a fresh start? “Every car has at least one more spark in it if given the proper attention. The same applies to people”- Doug Hooper. Light that spark today!

Make Amends

Make amends today. Call or visit that person and say I’m sorry, even if it isn’t your fault. Extend the olive branch of friendship…you’ll be glad you did…both of you:)

Quit Complaining!

Quit complaining about everything. It doesn’t make you feel good, it doesn’t help your situation and other people certainly don’t want to hear it. Did you ever notice that most of your friends don’t hang around when you’re in a funk?

Instead of keeping the flow of negativity going, stop and think about what you can do to improve the situation, and then jump into a pool of improvement:)

Be Upbeat!

Be upbeat! Smile at something. Celebrate something! There’s always something to be happy for even if it’s a great cup of coffee! Getting in a good mood helps make the rest of the day a lot easier:)

Hang In There

Hang in there! Don’t give up so easily. It is said that most people give up on their dreams when they are just around the corner, just one step further. Take that extra step…just do it:)