Keep On Track

Keep on track. Don’t let the mood of other people affect you. People will sometimes be in a bad mood and say things inadvertently that can upset you and make you doubt your way.

Recognize these things for what they are…just a passing opinion. Don’t hold onto that negatively just let it go. Smile and off you go in the same direction as before. Keep on your track and don’t let anyone try to push you off:)


The time is now. It is said “time flies” so don’t let it fly away from you. Don’t wait until its too late to act on your dream and don’t let opportunity pass you by.

Don’t let fear paralyze you into not taking action. Step out and be fierce:)


Apologize if you’ve hurt someone’s feelings. Apologize if you don’t see eye-to-eye and may have said or done something hurtful. Apologize even if you feel you’re right.

Who wants to be right and all alone? I’d rather be wrong and have the comfort of family and friends who love me. Being right all the time won’t bring you comfort when you’re sad…

Never Too Late

It’s never too late to go after your dreams. No matter what happened before, no matter how you felt about it, no matter what other people say….the time is right when you believe it is…whenever you believe it is. Always remember that:)

Do You Judge?

Do you judge? Do you walk down the street and say stuff like “where did she get that dress…it’s horrible” or “does that guy think his haircut looks good?” Does everything you think about others seem like an endless tirade of condemnation?

You know that old saying about “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes?” You should try it some time it just might improve your outlook on life:)

Find One

Find one…a diversion, something to take your mind from what ails you. Plan some fun in your day to break it up. Find something to look forward to and enjoy it.

The fun you have will help carry you through the rest of the day and make chores or tasks seem easier:)

What Good?

What good does worry really do you? Does it help you have a clear head to help problem solve? No. Does it put you in the best possible frame of mind? No? Does it ward off unpleasant outcomes? No…in fact worrying can actually bring unpleasant outcomes to fruition via our friend the Law of Attraction.

So…look on the bright side. Expect the best, work towards the best, believe you deserve the best:)

Nobody Else

Nobody else is quite like you. Nobody else has your unique blend of qualities. So why not be the best “you” that you can be.

Let others go their way and you go yours. Make your path a happy one; no one can do it quite like you:)

Do You Persist?

Do you persist or do you give up at the first sign of trouble? Do you hang on, your intention clear even when the sky grows dark and it begins to rain?

Or do you give up and change plans with every little road block that comes your way always looking for a quick and easy way out?

Those who hang on with positive expectation reach their goals. Those that change their minds with the wind just end up chasing their tails:)

You Have It

You have it…unlimited potential. You CAN do it. Look inside and see what makes you happy. What could you be doing right now that not only would you absolutely love but would bring happiness to others as well.

That desire is within you because you have what it takes to bring that dream into the physical world. So dwell on it, think about it and ways to accomplish it will come your way:)