Leave It Behind

Leave it behind…that junk from the past you’ve been carrying around. Maybe it came from a cross word said by someone no longer with us. Maybe it came from something someone did to you in ignorance. But where ever it came from ask yourself if its serving you well now or just making you feel bad. If its not doing you any favors then its time to leave it behind:)


Each day, each sunrise gives us a chance to begin again. No matter what happened the day before, we can start fresh to make it the way we want it to be. We can mend a fence; we can cast our worry aside and boldly go for the things we want in life, but it is our choice:)

Don’t Brag

Don’t brag about how much you know but instead learn to listen to others sincerely. You can learn a lot more by listening than you can by tooting your own horn and making lots of noise. Listen carefully without interrupting and see the difference it can make in improving your relationships with others:)

Are You Clear?

Are you clear on what you want? Have you put in your intention and let it go? Or are you trying to micro- manage every little detail; asking yourself “why is this happening? How is this going to fit into my plan?”

Let things unfold. Take a deep breath when you feel those anxious feeling coming and say “everything is unfolding as it should.”

Don’t Be Jealous

Don’t be jealous; it only makes you feel bad. When you are jealous of another you signal our great friend the Law of Attraction that you want more to be jealous about. You are saying to our abundant Universe that there is not enough to go around. The end result is the same…you end up miserable.

Be genuinely happy for another who has good fortune. Affirm it as a sign that there is plenty for everyone and the things you desire are on their way to you:)

Are You Charitable?

Are you charitable? Do you give freely of yourself to help another? Do you stop to help the man begging on the street? Do you stop to help your neighbor struggling with that heavy garbage can that he’s trying to get to the curb? Do you stop and make a call to your elderly aunt who so desperately wants to talk to someone?

The good you put out there comes back to you…think about it:)


Sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. Sometimes things are thrown in our path that upset us; things that make us feel like we can’t make it through.

These things are never as strong as our minds and hearts can be if we are determined to come out the other side wiser and ready for our next challenge…

You Can

You can do the things you want to. Don’t be discouraged by the skills of others. Patty may be really good at drawing but you may excel at writing. Each of us has our own unique talents…so build on those and let others do equally well at what they do best)

Are You Thinking?

Are you thinking before you say something or is your mouth on “automatic pilot?” Are you saying things that comfort others, build up others and make others smile and feel good just to be around you?

Or do words just spew out of your mouth unchecked? Mean things, unnecessary put downs, things that make people doubt themselves (and you)

Think before you speak. If it’s not nice…keep it to yourself.:)

Dump It

Dump it..anger. You know the feeling, the one that makes you clench your teeth, the one that makes you clench your fists and the one that makes your eyes bulge. Anger it’s an ugly feeling. It just makes you feel bad and feel ineffective. It is not your friend so don’t make friends with it:)