Hang On

Hang on when things don’t seem to go your way. It could be that all the “chaos” that is going on around you might be the prelude to things falling into place and lining up for you to get exactly what you want. Let that first impulse to get upset fade away and observe things unfold calmly ~

It’s A New Week!

It’s a new week and an opportunity for a fresh start. It doesn’t matter how many times you started before. It only matters that the desire to start again has welled up in you. It only matters that your dream is still alive. Those two things are all you need for a perfect recipe for a fresh start to begin ~

Give Thanks Today

Give thanks for something today…even the smallest thing. The more thankful you are the more wonderful things will come into your life. A grateful person receives many blessings but a grumpy person just gets more grumpy~


Dream big. Why limit yourself and your imagination. Our Universe is limitless, so shouldn’t your goals and desires be? Think about it~

Turn Around

When you have a day where things may go a little awry and your thoughts and feelings may not be the best stop and think of something that makes you laugh or smile. Focus on that image until your mood starts to brighten. Once it does (and it won’t take very long) you can start choosing those thoughts and feelings that make you day (and others) the best it can be~

It’s Okay

It’s okay to be sad sometimes, to feel that somehow you’re misunderstood, or left out, or whatever it may be. Positive thinking doesn’t mean you will NEVER be sad, or mad, it means that those times will be fewer and farther in between. That you will recognize faster that those bad feelings serve no good purpose and that you move to turn them around to something more pleasant and more constructive.


Concentrate…on the task at hand. Approach it in a relaxed and easy manner and make it your only priority. Put your focus on one thing at a time. Starting any task with the thought of 92 million other things you have to do only makes you ineffective, frazzled, and may cause you to make unnecessary mistakes, so keep cool and keep focused!

Stand Up

Stand up for yourself. Not in a loud, obnoxious way, but with quiet assertion. Respect yourself. If you are in a situation in which you feel you are being treated poorly, speak up.If you cannot remedy the situation then maybe it’s time to move on.

If You Believe

If you believe, then anything is possible. But you must really believe it…right down to your tippy-toes. It must saturate every cell of your being. It must be with you always and not come and go like the clouds floating by overhead.Make it a part of you:)

Be Kind To Yourself

Be kind to yourself. Take time to remember all the wonderful things about you. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Cultivate your strong points, we all have them. Don’t tear yourself apart but focus on building yourself up.