Are You Going With The Flow?

990204522_065Are you going with the flow or are you constantly fighting the current? Do you take things in stride or try to change them around anyway that you can and then still end up feeling miserable?

Fighting the current makes you cranky and irritable so why not let the stream carry you for awhile?

A Little Detour

990105417_016Remember that sometimes there are little detours in your path but that doesn’t mean that you won’t arrive at the destination you choose.

Trust in the Universe to get you where you want to go. Let things unfold and just watch what happens. If you believe it, you will get there!

Do You Keep Track?

990105417_002Do you  keep track…of what you say and how you feel? Do you journal? Do you write down your hopes and dreams?

Keeping a journal is a major step in moving towards your goals. Keeping track of what you want, and the steps you take to get there really helps. Keeping track of situations and your reaction to them is right up there as well. How did you react? How did you feel? Did those feelings serve to help you or did they make you feel worse? What thoughts can you reach for next time to make you feel better?

Keeping track…it’s a great idea to stay ON track!

Are You Clear?

35920050Are you clear on what you want? Do you see it clearly? Do you dwell on the feeling of having it or do you change your mind like you change your socks?

If you don’t give the Universe a good idea of what you want then how will it know what to give you?

Sit down and really contemplate what you want. Your idea of what you want and not your neighbor or your Aunt Trudy. Listen to your heart and it will tell you. Then go from there:)

Take the Time

990205258_023Take the time to appreciate all the beauty around you. It may be an old saying but taking the time to smell the roses is good for you.

Stop and think about how wonderful our world really is, how magical! And we are all part of that magic, Now isn’t that something to celebrate? I think so!

How Strong?

990105679_004How strong are your beliefs? How much do you really believe that your dreams can manifest into reality? How strongly do you believe in yourself?

Those who believe they can…will. Those who have steadfast faith that even though there are minor obstacles in the way that they will arrive at their destination…get there.

So what will you choose for a path? How strongly do YOU believe?

Give “Em Yours

dsc02020_0008When someone needs a smile…give ’em yours. Let the beauty of your smile come through to others. Let your smile warm their hearts. Let others see that you care. Your smile just be the thing that makes someone’s day so give it away as often as you can!