Are You A Good One?

HydrangeasAre you a good one? A friend that is? Do you spend time listening and helping? Are you there to offer a smile or whatever help is needed? Are you there in “thick and thin”

Or do you spend hours calling people just to complain and ask for favors and then be unwilling to do the same?

The quality of your friendships will directly result from the kind of friend that you are first.

There’s Always An Answer

990210627_011There’s always an answer…to every problem. Sometimes you have to sit quietly and let it come to you in the stillness of your mind.

When you believe there is a solution, then you will find one. Let it go, give it to the Universe and let it guide you. It has a power far greater than any one person to help find solutions, but you must reach out to it.

Take a Step Back

015Take a step back…before you get angry and say the wrong thing. Take a step back and count to 10 (or 20). Breathe deeply. Then think before you talk

Blowing off steam usually feels pretty good for the first few seconds. After that, you usually end up getting even madder and wondering why you didn’t wait until you calmed down before you acted.

So fight that first impulse and take the time to cool down.

Act As If

DSC01704_0010Act “as if” you already have the qualities you desire. If you desire confidence then act confidently. Think about how you would act in a certain situationĀ  if you already had what you desired. How would you feel? What would you be doing or wearing?

Focus on this. Repeatedly doing this reinforces this image in your mind and helps manifest it in your physical world.

What Do You See?

DesertWhat do you see when you ponder your future? What do you feel?

Do you see dark streets with no clear path and feel cold and desperate or do you see a sun rising on a brand new day just picked out for you?

It begins with you. It begins with what you see in the theater of your mind and what you hear when you question your path.

You have the answers. You need to believe and move forward.

Try It Today

990107197_032Try it today…a little kindness. Stop to give a little something to that man begging on the corner instead of rolling down the window yelling “hey lazy! why don’t you get a job!”

Stop to help that older woman struggling to reach that can of peas instead of nudging your friend and saying “think she’ll fall on her head?” and then laughing!

Stop in on a friend who struggles with loneliness and lend a sympathetic ear without saying “you don’t know how lucky you are. I have a houseful of people at home to wait on!” That friend only wishes to have even one person to make a cup of tea for.

Think about it…then be kind.

It’s Time

990205258_034It’s time to be good to yourself. It’s time to put the stress aside and go for that walk, or go to that movie, or read that book. It’s time to visit that friend you haven’t seen in like…forever.

Don’t delay. Doing things that make you happy are just as important as the air you breathe. They help make you a more positive person, and that opens a wrld of opportunity.