There Is So Much Good


As I stopped for the light I watched an elderly couple struggling to get across the busy street. She was in a wheelchair that he was trying to push and he could barely walk himself I was concerned because I didn’t think they’d get across before the light changed so I hung on sending those positive vibes that all the traffic would stay out until they were safely on the other side. All of a sudden a young man got out of his car and stood in the middle of the street with his arms outstretched to keep the cars from moving. As the  old man slowly pushed the wheelchair behind the younger man with his arms still outstretched he stopped to hug him and thank him.  Applause broke out from the cars that had been prevented from going forward by the young man.

Tear of joy ran down my cheeks as I remembered how much good there is in our world.

Chain Reaction

101_0061Wonder why you might be having a bad day? Wonder why things might be less-than-perfect? And are you getting madder and madder just thinking about how your day is unfolding?

Think back…no not that far but think about yesterday. Think about how your day went. Think about how it started off. Did you wake up in a bad mood? Did you think to yourself that it was gonna be the crummiest day ever? Did you get mad at every little thing that didn’t go just as you planned?

Yesterday you set the tone for today. Yesterday you put your order in with the Universe about what would happen and how. Remember when you said it would be the worst day ever? Well, courtesy of our ever vigilant Universe you get exactly what you envisioned…crap.

Stop and think now, just how much better things would be if you greeted the day with a smile on your face expecting the best. Think how much better your day would be if you went to bed each night being grateful for a wonderful day and by looking forward to another one being brought to you with the sunrise. Think about it…

Why Do You Hold Onto It?

990108468_039Why do you hold onto it…the past? Why do you hold onto things that make you feel sad and uncertain? Why do you hang onto things that hinder your moving forward in positivity?

The past is just that…something that is no longer here, something that has gone with the fabric of time. It is something that can’t be brought back.

But the present and the future are waiting to be molded. They are waiting to be infused with positive expectation. They are waiting to be infused with joy and childlike wonder.

So, my question is- will you forge a new future or hang onto what has long since passed?

Imagine It

990204522_012Imagine it…go ahead, stop and really think and feel what it would be like to have your dreams come true…to have your goals realized.

Where would you be? What would you be wearing? What would you be doing? What would you be saying? What would be the reaction of the people around you? Do you see their joy for you? Do you feel how happy they are for you?

Take time to paint the canvas of your dream.Take the time to visualize it, to write it down, to shout it from the hillside and claim it as yours.

“Imagination is the true magic carpet”- Norman Vincent Peale

Close the Door

35920048Close the door…on your fears and doubts. Go ahead slam it shut! Fear and doubt are not helping you except that they show you how not to be.You don’t really need them.

Instead open the door on happiness and joy. Open the door on confidence. Open the door on “I can” Let those things show you the way to be. Let those things show you the way your life can be. And once you open the door to let them in don;t ever let them leave.

Taking Some

35920022Taking some time to relax is not a waste of time, in fact, it is one of the most valuable tools available to you to improve the quality of your life. Taking time to relax and enjoy helps clear your mind and refresh your soul. It helps you to be more productive.

Think back to the last time you plowed through your work instead of taking a break. How did you feel? Were you doing a good job? Were you able to concentrate on the task at hand or were you too busy lamenting the fact that you just had too much to do. What was the outcome?

Now think back to a time when you did take a break from your routine. Think about the time you stopped working for a while to go to the park with the dog or called a good friend or stopped by your favorite coffee shop. When you returned to the task at hand didn’t you feel better about it? Weren’t you able to concentrate more and do a better job?

So what feels better to you now? Take that break and enjoy yourself if only for a short time. It is time well spent.

Take Some Time To Be Kind

ChrysanthemumTake sometime to be kind, take some time to offer the hand of friendship to somebody who needs it. You see Johnny over there struggling to figure out his new lawn mower, don’t smirk and think to yourself “what an idiot!” but instead why not bring him a cool drink and help him to figure it out. You see Shirley struggling with heavy bags of groceries so instead of driving past her watching her canned peaches roll out into the street why not stop and help her carry her bags?

The nest time you need a hand maybe Johnny and Shirley will just keep going right past you. But if you stopped to help them then you can be sure they will be there to assist you with smiles on their faces. We all need help at one time or another. We all need kindness. Remember that the next time you are tempted to be less than kind. We are here to help each other on this journey of life.

Break the Cycle

990204522_067Break the cycle…of expecting the worst when new situations arise of saying something “oh no, now what?” and of being fearful.

Know that you possess all you need, right inside you, at the core of your being to handle any problems that come your way. Know that, in the silence, answers come. Know that, in the peacefulness, solutions are found and new paths are forged. Connect to that silence and find what you seek. Leave the “oh no’s” outside because the only thing they ever find you is a headache and an upset stomach. No solutions, no peace…only turmoil and you are too good for that. You DESERVE the beat possible outcome.

Come On Now!

DSC01646_0045Are you actively participating in life or are you letting it pass you by? Do you get up in the morning ready to greet the day or do you prefer to remain under the covers hoping the day will be over soon? Do you welcome life’s challenges and see them as a chance to grow or do you cower in the corner?

If you answered yes to the first one of each set of questions I just asked then “WAKE UP-THIS LIFE BELONGS TO YOU…NOW TAKE IT! If you answered yes to the second question in each set then…good job!

Make It One

35920022Make it one. Each day concentrate on what would bring you closer to your goal and do it. One thing. Make it a habit. Set aside even a few minutes in your day to concentrate on what you want and take a step to bring it closer.

For each step you take WILL bring it closer until it is in your hands. Make the time to help make your future the way you want it to be.