It’s Yours

ChrysanthemumThere is an opinion that should matter the most in the world and do you know who it belongs to? It’s yours!

Yes, it’s yours. How you feel and how you think should be your guide. What feels right to you should be your guide.

You can listen to the advice others may give to you but ultimately you need to follow your own heart and trust in yourself enough to carry you through.

Believe in yourself!

Keep Going

35920118Keep going. Don’t let your dream die. Don’t leave it by the side of the road unattended, unloved, and unnoticed.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can’t do something when you can. Don’t let doubt creep in. When it whispers to you to quit yell back loudly “no!”

Hang in there, no matter what it takes for you are worth it. Keep saying it to yourself over and over until you drown doubt out and he slithers away, his powers nullified by your shining light.

So What Do You Think?

101_0061So what do you think happens…when you say something unkind? What happens when you say something like “I can’t stand Ed. I’m really annoyed he got that promotion. I hope he messes up so they’ll fire him”

Do you think Ed will get fired? Or do you notice that all of a sudden things aren’t going so well for you at work. Your boss wants to know where your concentration is or why your reports are late. Every time you think of Ed you seem to mess up.

Our ever present friend, the Law of Attraction has heard you and feels those angry vibrations you’re sending out.To the Law of Attraction it is sensing “angry” and so what is manifesting in your world…more stuff to be angry about. More stuff to be ineffective at when you work.

Wish everyone well. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t point out the faults in others because we all have them. Being happy for others means you are ready for some of your own happiness.

BTW, Ed just made vice president. At the office party you were the only one not there but only because it was YOU who ended up getting fired.

Keep sending out good thoughts and make the world a better place for ALL of us.

There ‘s a Lesson in Everything

TulipsThere’s a lesson in everything…but it’s all in how you look at it.

Boss tells you your work is sloppy….maybe you need to slow down and be more careful. Maybe this is a sign to consider what you are doing and to put more effort into it.

Maybe you get a speeding ticket. Instead of being angry think about the way you drive. Do you need to slow down and be more careful.

Maybe your son or daughter gets a bad grade on their report card. Before you get mad and blame them or their teacher think about the amount of time you spend with your child. Do you help them with their homework? Do you take time to discuss their day or are you too busy shopping a last minute sale at the mall?

Stop and think about things before you classify them as “petty annoyances” Maybe they are not too petty after all.

Give Them a Smile

KoalaGive them a smile…the people you meet who are frowning. Give them a smile… the people who are abrupt with you. Give them a smile…the people who seem angry at the world in general.

You never know what another person is going through. You never know their trials and tribulations. Don’t greet n angry face or demeanor with more anger.

Smile.. show you care or at least you understand that we all have our problems. Your smile just may be the difference in their day:)

Each Experience

dsc02013_0003Each experience in this life teaches us something. Each one is a learning experience. Maybe it teaches us that we need to go in a different direction. Maybe it teaches us to say something in a different way. Maybe it teaches us that we need to re-frame the way we think.

Everything that happens shows us something. These experiences are like the rungs of a ladder…propelling us higher and higher…to a greater understanding of ourselves and others.

Step Back

990204522_048Step back…when you feel yourself getting angry. Ask yourself “What will this accomplish? Will it make the situation better? Will it make me feel better and be better for me in the long run?”

Chances are the answer is no. No it won’t make the situation better. In fact with all the negative energy you’re pumping into it you’ll probably make it a lot worse.

Will it make you feel better? Well that depends. You WILL feel better if you like headaches and upset stomachs.

Will it be better for you in the long run? Sure, if you like losing friends and having people shy away from you because you have a temper. ,

There is very little that can be positively gained by getting angry and flying off the handle. Remember that the next time you are tempted to do it. Count to ten first. Or twenty. Or whatever it takes to step back and reframe the situation.

Let It Go

990204104_012We all have people in our past  (or in our present) that we’ve had disagreements with. Not every word exchanged was kind or encouraging. We all have our moments.

But have you reached out to that person lately? Have you picked up that phone or rang that doorbell or sent that card?

If not, why not? Don’t let pain and regret be your companion when you think of that person. Don’t let a tear fall from your eye. If you have been thinking about them it’s time to take that step and get in contact with them. Have that cup of coffee. Smooth things over. Talk things out.

Don’t stay mad. it’s not good for you and it’s not good for them.


ChrysanthemumRe-focus…what you see when you visualize your goals.

What do you see? Do you see smooth sailing? Do you see yourself being guided to finding the right people and resources to be able to move forward? Do you see yourself acting with confidence that you can achieve the things you want? Do you believe that the Universe supports you in what you want to do?

Then I’d say you’re perfectly focused.

But when you see your goals do you see a path littered with fear and confusion?Do you see yourself as “too shy” to step up? Do you think the Universe is only here to help others but that you somehow are exempt from that help?

Then it’s time to refocus and claim what is yours. Because you deserve it.

Help Each Other

990108468_012We’re all here…to help each other. We’re all here…to give each other a helping hand, whether it’s through words of encouragement and kindness, assisting with a physical task, or by giving a few dollars to the man or woman standing by the road down on their luck.

When we give of ourselves we feel good. And we spread that joy to those we help. That makes a magnificent,happy circle of love

So don’t turn your back on someone in need but rather do all you can.You never know when you may be the one who needs a helping hand.