Be Good To Yourself

DSC01646_0045Be good to yourself. Take the time to spend a few hours in the park reading. See that movie or visit that museum. Take that little (or big) vacation.

It doesn’t have to be “all that” but we all have little things we’d like to do but we find excuses not to do them (and then we’re unhappy)

You deserve to feel good about yourself and to treat yourself well. It reflects itself in the things you do. People who are confident and respect themselves are happier and respect others as well.

Yes, you should be kind to others. But be kind to yourself as well.

Give ‘Em A Break

990107197_032Give ’em a break..people. Yep sometimes ya just gotta let it slide off your back.

Everyone has different experience in life. Each of us is on a different path. Each of us was raised differently with different ideals. And people form their opinions based on those experiences.

It is important to remember and honor that the next time we feel we want to lash out or criticize. We are not cookie cutter versions of each other. It’s what makes the world interesting.

Look For The Good

990204522_068Look for the good… in every situation. There always is something if you just look close enough.

Maybe you don’t get along with you ex-husband…but he’s a really great father. Maybe your boss didn’t give you that raise…but she did you that extra time off to spend with your mother when she came in form out-of-town. Maybe you don’t live in your dream home but your apartment is close to downtown where you work and love to go out.

When you look for good, you will find it.

Are You Tracking Them?

990205258_014Are you keeping track of them…your thoughts and their resulting feelings? Or do you just let whatever pops in your head to stay there no matter what?

You know the thoughts I’m talking about…the ones that say something like “who are you kidding, you’ll never get that? You’ll never be able to do that. That’s only for Bob or Lisa or the guy in the next cubicle from you.”

If you listen to THAT voice then you won’t get far.


Your true voice is telling you that YOU CAN.  Your true voice is telling you YOU DESERVE IT.

But you must listen to it first.

It’s Never Too Late

990108468_034It’s never too late…to change the way you do things or to change the way you think.

If you find the way you’re thinking or the way you’re doing things is not serving you well then maybe it’s time to go in a different direction. it doesn’t means you’ve failed but you found a better way to do things.

Change can be good and it is nothing to be afraid of so welcome it when it comes your way.

You Do

990204522_019You do deserve what you want in life. Success in life is not reserved for a few choice people; it is for anyone who wants it. it is for anyone who focuses on it, believes that it can happen for them and acts as if what they want is already theirs. It is for anyone who is grateful for what they have and is happy for the success of others.

It can be yours.

Choose Wisely

990205258_023Choose wisely…the company you keep¬† Choose to friend those people who lift you up when you’re feeling out of sorts. Choose those people that make you smile. Choose to be friends with those who not only can help you but that you can assist as well. Choose those who welcome your assistance, whatever form that may take.

To those that tear you down well, wish them well and move on. They will find their place but perhaps that place is not in your life.

You deserve to feel good about yourself, always remember that.

Give Yourself A Break Today

35920050Give yourself a break today. For one day why not push your troubles aside and do something you LIKE to do.

You know what I’m talking about. it could be that trip to the lake or the park. It could be going to a movie you want to see. It could be trying that new restaurant or a visit to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile.

Don’t put it off. Take time for YOU because you are important and you matter!

You Don’t Have To!

101_0035You don’t have to…figure the world out. You don’t have to sit there and analyze why some people act a certain way. And you don’t have to try to change them.

Trying to change someone is a lot of wasted energy. Let them be the way they want to be. Celebrate what you have in common and be respectful enough to let them live their own lives. Support them in their decisions as you would want to be supported in yours.

The change you want to focus on is any changes you feel you want to make in yourself. Focus on being the best possible you and let others “be” what they want to.

Let It Go

990204522_068Let it go…all that “stuff” you’re carrying around with you. You know what I mean…the time Aunt Carol told you on your fifteenth birthday that you were too dumb to get into a good college. Or the time your cousin Ralph told you only an idiot would live in a studio apartment.

That stuff happened years ago; said by people who just didn’t know any better. Did you know Aunt Carol never graduated high school and that cousin Ralph lived above his mother’ garage until he was 40?

Let it go. it has no constructive place in your life. It will not encourage you or make you feel better about yourself. It will only drag you down.

So take your “stuff” to a nice lake or body of water and mentally release it and watch it float away. Good riddance.