Keep Moving

990105417_016Keep moving…the best way to get where you want to go is to keep moving.

Did you ever notice that once you pushed yourself to get up and get something done that you now had the energy to keep going and do even more?

If you just take that first step, if you just get up out of that chair and start something, even something small, you will soon find the energy and enthusiasm to tackle bigger things.

Worry Less

52f6afb4-cab5-4dea-8dd9-0b1dd4ffc4a0_0011Worry less. Worry is not your friend no matter how much time you spend with him. He will never sit down with you in an easy chair and talk about things that are comforting and make you smile. No, he will prefer to stand over you and whisper in your ear all the possible scenarios that could go wrong. He will tell you of disaster and ill health

Dale Carnegie once wrote “An old man was once asked what robbed him of the joy in his life. His answer was ‘Things that never happened'”

Don’t let worry rob you of your joy. You can look at him, acknowledge him for what he is and that he is there but then choose joy instead.

Be Happy!

990107910_014Be happy…find something to smile about. Watch a funny movie or read a funny book. Go do something you like to do but never seem to make the time for.

Each of us knows what makes us happy and what makes us smile. Each of us know what brings a spring to or step and makes us feel like we’re on cloud 9.

But if we know that, then why don’t we spend more time in that happy, blissful state? Why do we choose instead to be upset and torn and filled with negative drama?

Make a choice today. Make a choice to spend at least some time doing things that make you happy, because you deserve to feel good about yourself and the world around you.

Get To The Point

990105679_002Get to the point…the point of what it is you want. Zero in on it like a laser. make up your mind what it is, and not go about your day saying things like “well, maybe I want this,” or “hey wait, I think I’d like this better.”

It’s better to become an authority on one thing than to do several things half way, and have little or no enthusiasm for them.

Besides, the Universe needs to know what to bring you, and not merely guess on a whim.

Have Some Faith

KoalaHave some faith…in yourself. Have some faith…that you have the talent and the ability to move forward towards your dreams Have faith that you will be shown the way if you ask the Universe with the intention of the highest and best good for all.

You can do it. You have your dreams for a reason, They are yours to make come true.

Find A Little

ChrysanthemumFind a little…gratitude. Look around you, you have plenty to be grateful for. Being grateful signals the highway is open for the Universe to bring you more things to be grateful for, plus it just makes you feel SO good to be thankful.

Go ahead and try it. Look around and count ten things you are grateful for. Now make it twenty…now thirty.

Repeat every day for best results.

Keep The Green Eyed Monster At Bay

334af351-cfa7-4852-9bce-330d7ad4104e_0010Keep the green eyed monster away…jealousy It does not help you in any way; it just makes you feel bad. And when you feel bad, when you feel beaten…life is not joyful.

When you see someone with a brand new car be happy for them. When you see someone in a new relationship be glad that they have someone to share with. When you see someone with a job they love, smile.

Because these people have these things mean they exist in the Universe, so they are available to those who show gratitude for what they have and remain open for new experiences. They are open for those who are genuinely happy for others.

The jealous ones? The only thing they have available is a closed door.