Let It Go

HydrangeasLet it go…the hurt you may feel from the past, perhaps from someone who hurt you. You are bigger than any hurt. You can rise above it and move on.

Holding onto old hurts is like holding a piece of your heart hostage…all tied up and alone in a dark room, unable to see joy or the smiles of loved ones.

Set your heart free…don’t hold it hostage with the hurts from the past.

You Can!

35920118You can…move forward… taking one step at a time, looking ahead, eyes and mind fixed on your goal.

Keep going…don’t look back. What’s done is done. The past is the past. What matters is now.

And a focused “now” makes for a brighter future.

Hang In There

35920022It has been said that many people give up when success is right around the corner. Don’t let that be you. If it feels right then hang in there…let your heart lead you…let your inner voice lead you.

And hang in there because you are worth it…keep going!

Happy Thanksgiving!

TulipsHappy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. Remember that we all have so much to be thankful for.

Celebrate that today and remember it each and every day.

And I want to thank all of you ho read my blog each day…thank you I am so grateful that you take the time to read my words…I hope they have helped.

Why Are You Still Holding On?

DesertWhy are you still holding on…to arguments and disagreements you might have had years ago? Why are you still reliving them in your head? Is it helping you in any way? Is it helping you to be more compassionate or more positive? Does it make you feel good?

Be honest now…you know it doesn’t. It just makes you angry to even think about it.

So for one and for all, let it go Put your focus on where it will do you and everyone around you the most good…on things that make you feel good and inspire you to do and be better.

Watch What You Say

35920119Watch what you say…when you speak to another. Watch the tone of your voice. Watch the words that come out of your mouth.

Words have tremendous power, and they can wound deeply and the wound can stay there and fester.

Many times, what you think is funny cuts to the bone to another.’

So ask yourself before you speak :Is this the way I’d like to be spoken to?”

You Never Know…

35920050You never know how wonderful things might happen unless you keep an open mind. Incidents that at first may seem dire to you may just be what you need to open the door to a new adventure

So before you judge it, before you toss it out as something you cannot or will not do just stop and think and let the idea “set” awhile…you may just change your mind and be genuinely happy about it.

So You Failed?

dsc02014_0004So you failed, so you didn’t do something right? Congratulations, you learned a way NOT  to do something. You learned that perhaps what you were doing was not for you, and because of that you didn’t have the enthusiasm to see it through.

Nothing wrong in that for it is in making mistakes that we either realize there’s a better way or maybe we shouldn’t be doing it at all.

But it is NOT  a reason to beat yourself up and to make yourself feel bad. No one is perfect and mistakes are part of our learning process.

Are You On Edge?

990204522_067Are you on edge? Do you get upset easily and then stay that way? Do you “sweat the small stuff?”

Have you tried setting aside time for any kind of meditation? Meditation can take many forms. It can be a quiet walk in the park. It can be listening to some soothing music and just closing your eyes and letting your mind just drift. It can be sitting in a nice warm bubble bath. It can be playing with a pet. It can be anything that makes you more relaxed and calm that is natural and not harmful.

Yes, you can sit in silence contorted like a pretzel but you don’t have to.All you nee to do is make some time for it in your life and see the difference it can make.

Are You Giving?

ChrysanthemumAre you giving…of yourself? Do you offer to help when you can no matter how small an act it may be or do you feel that you owe no one and the world “owes you?:

When you see someone in need do you turn away instead of seeing what you could do to alleviate someone’s pain?

Think to yourself…what if it were you who was in need? Would you like someone to turn a blind eye then? Or would it be different…