It’s Good For You!

20120520_161015It’s good for you…to laugh. It’s good for you to smile and to do things you like to do.

It is NOT a waste of time. When we feel better we do better. Period. End of story. When you refuse to make time for yourself; when you say to yourself “no, I’d better not watch that comedy on television because I’ve got so much to do” may mean you’ll just drag your butt through the day but laughter energizes you and a little fun never hurt anybody!

Brush It off

20120602_213546Brush it off…the little “hiccups” of the day. So Bob in accounting doesn’t like your new dress…so what? You do and that’s the important thing.

Your neighbor Janet thinks your new car is silly…why do you need an SUV when it’s only you and your significant other? Because YOU like it, that’s why!

People are people and they will on occasion say something that might upset you and you know what, if it’s something really important or if it comes from somebody important to you then you may want to listen….though the final decision belongs to you.

Janet and Bob? Let them do their own shopping.