So You Failed?

dsc02014_0004So you failed, so you didn’t do something right? Congratulations, you learned a way NOT  to do something. You learned that perhaps what you were doing was not for you, and because of that you didn’t have the enthusiasm to see it through.

Nothing wrong in that for it is in making mistakes that we either realize there’s a better way or maybe we shouldn’t be doing it at all.

But it is NOT  a reason to beat yourself up and to make yourself feel bad. No one is perfect and mistakes are part of our learning process.

Are You On Edge?

990204522_067Are you on edge? Do you get upset easily and then stay that way? Do you “sweat the small stuff?”

Have you tried setting aside time for any kind of meditation? Meditation can take many forms. It can be a quiet walk in the park. It can be listening to some soothing music and just closing your eyes and letting your mind just drift. It can be sitting in a nice warm bubble bath. It can be playing with a pet. It can be anything that makes you more relaxed and calm that is natural and not harmful.

Yes, you can sit in silence contorted like a pretzel but you don’t have to.All you nee to do is make some time for it in your life and see the difference it can make.

Are You Giving?

ChrysanthemumAre you giving…of yourself? Do you offer to help when you can no matter how small an act it may be or do you feel that you owe no one and the world “owes you?:

When you see someone in need do you turn away instead of seeing what you could do to alleviate someone’s pain?

Think to yourself…what if it were you who was in need? Would you like someone to turn a blind eye then? Or would it be different…

What Are You Thinking?

990108468_034What are you thinking? What kind of thoughts are running through your head? Stop and think about that for a minute. In fact, just for fun, why not keep track of them for a day. Get yourself a little notebook and write them down when you can (please keep two hands on the wheel) Then, at the end of the day take a look at them. Look at the words. Feel the “tone”of your words.

Are they basically happy? For example “I love the new suit Patty is wearing, it looks good on her.” “I’m glad Ben was able to get the car he wanted, he’s so happy.” or “I’m so grateful for this delicious lunch I’m having today, this is one of my favorites.”

Or are they more like this “Patty better learn to dress to suit her body type, she looks ridiculous in that new outfit.” or “Yeah, I’ll bet Ben’s dad bought him that car. He doesn’t deserve it.” And “This lunch tastes like it just came out of a garbage can. I hate this restaurant.”

Negative thoughts carry low vibrations which keep you “stuck” and which our ever vigilant Universe sends right back to you.

Positive, happy thoughts are sent back to, giving you more to be happy about. So what will you choose to think next time?

Are You A Trail Blazer?

990205258_011Are you a trail blazer? Do you follow your heart when an idea comes your way; one that you can clearly see working for you and one that you can see bringing you joy?

Or do you dismiss these ideas with a wave of your hand and a shake of your head and saying something like “oh no, that will never work for me.”

Do you then sit down and sigh with your head cupped in your hands?

Follow your heart! If an idea brings you that much joy and excitement then it;s worth at least exploring further. Don’t let doubt get in there and plant itself. Push it out…sweep it out like you would cobwebs from an old dusty building and then see how far you can go with your new idea!

Don’t Let It!

990210627_011Don’t let it stop you…fear. Don’t let it walk up to you, look you in the eye and say “You can’t do that. You don’t have what it takes. You’ll never be good enough”

If it does walk up to you slap it in the face and yell really loud “OH YEAH? LET ME SHOW YOU JUST WHAT I CAN DO.”

And while fear is still reeling from the slap on the face you just gave it, walk it over to a cliff and push it off. Bye, bye fear.

It’s A New Day!

3644216f-d0dc-4c98-b263-134b03077e79_0028It’s a new day! It’s a new day full of opportunity and…it’s a clean slate for you to write your future on.

Each new day is a time to get excited and to be grateful that you’ve seen the sun rise.

Each new day is an opportunity to cast off that fear which may be holding you back

So stop and think- “what can I do today to make me move closer to my goals? What can I do today to make me feel better about myself and the world around me?”

You CAN do this! And YOU deserve to reap the rewards!