Happy New Year!

990204522_021Happy New Year to all. May this New Year be happy, healthy and may ALL your dreams come true. And they will because YOU CAN DO IT!

Are You Rushing Through?

35920003Are you rushing through your daily affirmations and your journaling? Or are you taking time to consider your words carefully, saying affirmations slowly and with feeling and giving thought about what you write?

If you rush through just to get them over with then you just may find they are not too effective. If you scribble in your journal you may find later that you can’t even read what you wrote.

Take your time, put out positive loving feelings into each word you say and write. I think you’ll be pleased with the results:)

What’s Running Through Your Head?

DSC01667_0034What’s running through your head? What kind of thoughts?

Do you get up in the morning and say to yourself “Oh no…not ANOTHER day at this lousy job” or do you say “I am thankful that I have a job to go to today” Try saying both…now which one makes you feel better.

Okay, so maybe you don’t have your dream job but how many have no job at all? BeingĀ  grateful and appreciative of things in your life will improve the quality of your life hands down.

Being pleasant and being concerned about others around you not only makes you shine but others will reflect that concern back to you.. so think well of others.

Let’s face it…the more you smile, the more grateful you are in every situation the better your life will be. A New Year is upon us, so what better time to keep those thoughts positive!


Will It Go Easily?

35920064How will it go for you…your day? Will it go easily or will it be hard?

It’s in your hands’ your thoughts and feelings mold it for you. They determine the direction the day takes.

Expecting the best, thinking of the best and working towards the best possible outcome ensures a smoother running day…so start your off everyday day with intentions of “smooth sailing”

Do It Right…The First Time

DSC01637_0050Do it right…the first time. Take your time, concentrate and take pride in what you do. Commit to excellence. You can do it and take pleasure in knowing you did a great job.

You can do it Do the best you can and you will be the best that you can be!

Don’t Stop Now!

35920007Are you stopping too early in your quest? Are you giving up too easily after trying a little here and a little there and then saying to yourself (or out loud) “This is too much” or “this will never work?”

If you only try something for a short time how do you really know? How do you know success was just one step further? How do you know that idea you just trashed is THEĀ  idea that would have done it?

Look at our buddy Edison here. Okay, look at the STATUE of Edison here. He didn’t give up until he invented what you’re probably using to view this post right now if it’s nighttime, so hang in there:)

Are You That Beam of Light?

990205258_030Are you a beam of light? Are you there when others need you? Do you offer encouragement, positive suggestions, a nod and a smile?

I recently read a story about a Special Olympics where there were nine runners. One of them fell and started to cry. The others turned right back around and wiping his tears away, they helped him to his feet; then they all linked arms and walked to the finish line together It was said the crowd gave them a standing ovation for more than ten minutes.

Will you be that person who turns back to help…or will you just sprint ahead to a hollow victory?

Merry Christmas!

990108468_066Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it; for those who don’t have a wonderful and happy day anyway whatever you do.

Thank you all for being my friends and reading my posts each day- I appreciate each one of you from the bottom of my heart:)

Are You?

990108468_051Are you…jealous of others? Do you look at the things another may have or look at somebody and and think “I wish I had that life” or “I wish I was him/her?”

The emotion of jealousy is like an icy cold hand reaching out to grab you by the neck and choking you. Being jealous signals the Universe that there apparently is not enough to go around to everyone so it won’t send anything to you (except maybe more stuff to be jealous about)

Green is a beautiful color but it looks lousy on faces! So don’t let yours be green. Be grateful for what you have and know you will always be provided for.

It’s Never Too Late

990108468_055It’s never too late…to start again. It’s never too late to see where you might have “gone wrong” correct it and move forward. It’s never too late to improve and move forward.

It’s a new week. It’s a new day. Take it. Take it and hold onto it as tight as you can and infuse it with all things positive. Give the day life. Mold it…you can do it so do it now!