Are You Creating?

DSC01702_0012In his book, “Believe You Can” John Mason tells us that we have the ability to create what we need from something already here. We HAVE all we need right inside us…in our hearts, in our minds. and in our spirits. It has been said that people neglect things they have a natural ability for in order to try something they either cannot do or that they feel they need to do anyway, because they see someone else doing it.

Teddy Roosevelt says “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Are You Stopping in Your Tracks?

990105417_002Are you stopping in your tracks…when you see an obstacle in front of you? Do you see unexpected events as immediately bad and detrimental? Or do you see them as a possible message that you need to change your “track?”

A few years ago a good friend of mine forgot to pay her electric bill. She found it shoved to the side she noticed that it was the very last day to pay it. She normally mailed it and have never been to the actual office. So now she had to go. On the way there she got a flat. She managed to get to an auto store and got a can of that goop you put in the tire to stop the flat. Three hours later, she stood in line to pay her bill that stretched out almost beyond the door.

She stood there and sighed…loudly. The man in front of her turned around and smiled. They struck up a conversation as they waited.

Oh, did I mention that a little over a year later I attended their wedding?

You never know where a detour may lead you in life…

Are You Looking to Excel?

990204522_021Are you looking to excel? Are you striving to do your best each day; to improve on what you already do, to find a better way?

William Danforth tells us “Start a crusade in your life to dare to be your very best” And Thomas Edison said “There is a way to do it better…find it”

So think about all the things you do in life. Then think about the stuff you rush through, things that you give only a half-hearted effort, and most times you don’t get the results you want.

What can you do today…to make it better?

Are You Hanging Onto It?

DesertAre you hanging on…to past resentments, old arguments or what you feel is some past injustice?

It is said that hanging onto these things is like hanging onto hot coals…the only thing it REALLY hurts is you. Think about it, you could be angry with someone, maybe you’ve been angry for years. Maybe the person you are angry with isn’t even with us anymore.

What is it getting you…besides headaches, ulcers, insomnia, and other not-so-nice things?

Is it helping you in life? is all that baggage really assisting you in making your life the way you want it to be?

I think you know the answer. Just maybe it’s time to look within and then to let it go.

Are You Enthusiastic?

990105417_010Are you enthusiastic? Do you dance into the day? Do you have a spark for living and the goals you set for yourself?

The more positive emotion you put into your goals, the more positive emotion you can put into your life the better it will be. The better it will feel.

Norman Vincent Peale says “Think excitement,talk excitement, act out excitement, and you will become an excited person. Life will take on a new zest, with deeper interest and greater meaning.You can talk, think and act yourself into enthusiasm or dullness and into monotony and unhappiness. By the same process you can build up inspiration, excitement and a surging depth of joy.”

Be joyful.

Offer It Today

ChrysanthemumOffer it today…a smile, a nod, a helping hand.

Today when I stopped for gas there was an older gentleman attempting to pump gas into his own car. And when I say attempting I mean it. The man had the hood of his car open and was routing around the engine looking or the gas tank, which as obviously on the left side of the vehicle towards the back. The sales clerk asked another to take over her register and she quietly went out and began to talk to the man, her hand on his shoulder. he man began to cry and she hugged him. She was able to get his wallet from him to find the phone number of his son, who she promptly called, meantime making the old gentleman comfortable on a bench outside with a cool drink.

She helped, while her associate just laughed and said “look at that idiot!”

She stepped up and got the man (and possibly others)out of harm’s way. We need more like her.


Do You Ask Without Expecting A “Yes”

990108468_034Do you ask for things from the Universe and then say something like “Yeah, but I’ll never get it?” Or are you open to receive the signs which are being sent our way?

I remember when I was a kid in NYC my mother wanted one of those carts that you put groceries in to wheel them home from the grocery store. We had just gotten done carrying two bags of heavy groceries each and she said “I’m going to get one of those carts.” And I said “Dad said no, he wasn’t going to buy one.” And then she said”I’m going to have one anyway”

About an hour later I was standing on the corner just bouncing one of those little pink Spaulding balls we used to play with, when a truck rolled by and hit a bump. Out if the back fell a brand new cart.

I tried to yell at the truck but he was gone: grease and dirt covering the license plate so there was no way to trace it to give the cart back.

Less than 90 minutes after she said “I’m going to get one of those carts” one was in our hall closet.

Sometimes the Universe sends you a sign like that. Big. Unmistakable. Other times you may have to search a little more but if expect a sign… it’s there

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

990205258_004Ya gotta start somewhere. Sure, you have some great ideas. Ideas that make you smile. Ideas that make you think “hey, this is it. This makes perfect sense to me. here’s an idea that not only will help me but will help me to help others”

Yep, it’s a great idea. But then it just sits there…untouched. Undone. Untried.

There is a saying “Connect your good intentions with awesome action”- John Mason

There’s you key…get started. Make that connection and make a difference.

You’ll Never Regret It

HydrangeasYou’ll never regret it…being kind.

Did you ever have one of those days when you just got mad over some little thing and then took it out on somebody else? And then when you got home and thought about it you realized that you didn’t like the way you behaved?

That will never happen by being kind. You will never do an act of kindness and then go home and think about it and then say to yourself “why did I do that?”

Nope, instead you will feel good and beam ear-to-ear. Nope, you’ll never regret it.

Are You Comparing?

990105679_002Are you comparing yourself…to others? Do you spend time thinking things like “oh if only I could cook like Mary Jane” or “Look at how well Tom plays golf, why can’t I swing a club like him?”

Ya know, that’s great that Mary Jane is a good cook and that Tom plays a mean game of golf but look at all the things you can do. Now don’t tell me there’s nothing you’re good at; you know that’s not true.

The problem is your focus. Instead of focusing on what somebody else does better than you shift that focus onto what you are good at. Zero in on what you enjoy doing and give yourself credit for doing it well.

Yes, it is wonderful to give another a compliment on what they have a talent for, but in doing so don’t diminish what you do well. Keep it up there in the spotlight and remember it…often.