Is It Still Stuck To You?

DSC01637_0050Is it stuck to you? Is it still bothering you…an off chance remark made years ago? Does it still make you feel bad or that somehow you don’t make good decisions?

Many years ago, a good friend of mine rented a new apartment. While she really could have used a second bedroom, she opted instead for one that had a bigger kitchen, because she really loved to cook and wanted the extra space there. She rented a small storage unit to store the other things.

One day not long after another friend had a party and she overheard her friend telling another “who does that- rents an apartment with a bigger kitchen when she really could have used a second bedroom and then rents a storage unit? What idiot does that?”

For years that remark bothered her. She left that rented apartment behind long ago, now she owns a four bedroom condo and has lots of space, and that person who made the remark has passed from this life. But yet she still hears those words when she doubts herself “What idiot does that?”

Don’t let that be you. Don’t let some useless, petty remark make you doubt yourself. it has no place in your life. Just because it’s the opinion of someone else doesn’t make it true.