Are You Building Yourself Up?

HydrangeasAre you building yourself up? Or are you tearing yourself down…with the words you say and the way you act?

Do you say to yourself “Yeah, I did a really good job on that?” Or do you say “I just can’t do anything right?”

Do you take the time to smile and to walk with a purposeful step or do you just slink along with your head down waiting for the day to be over so you can crawl back into bed?

The better you think, the better the quality of your thoughts will be. The more you walk and act with confidence, the more you will draw those things into your life.

So build yourself up every chance you get.

Are You Quitting Too Soon?

DesertAre you quitting too soon? Are you giving up on your goals and dreams before they even get a chance to take root and make their way out to the bright sunshine? Do you give things a kind of “half way” effort and then say, “okay, well that’s no good so I guess it’s not going to work?”

Or do you stop to think “okay, how can I make this better? What additional effort or research do I need here to keep it moving.?”

If Alexander Graham Bell quit after only a short time we’d still be communicating only by mail, and I don;t know about you but I love my smart phone;)