Its A Reflection Of You

990105417_010It’s a reflection of you…your world; your life. The thoughts you think and the feelings you generate create it all around you; every minute of every day.

If you’re like this girl, she is happily dancing to her own beat and so are you.. You see life as a series of happy events and when challenges present themselves it is only to help make us better and stronger.

But if you’re generating thoughts of sadness and defeat; and if you are feeling that way every step of the way then that is what is popping up around you.

It’s your choice to make; it’s your world to live in.

It’s Always Changing

35920118It’s always changing…life. New fashions, new ways of doing things,new people coming in and out of our lives; nothing stays the same.

But it is how we react to that change that makes the difference as to whether we benefit from it or it dashes us to pieces on the rocks.

Accept change in a relaxed and easy manner by looking for the good in each new situation as it presents itself to us, Many times the change we dread becomes exactly what we need to move ahead in life; it can be the catalyst that gets us “unstuck”

Don’t fear change but instead embrace it for the good it can do for you.

Are You Going Too Fast?

990204522_065Are you going too fast…trying to get too many things done at one time?

Are you trying to write that report, cook dinner, help the kids with their homework while at the same time trying to do a host of other things because you think that getting all these things done at once will make you more efficient?

I think you know the answer; yes we like to move fast, but are we really getting more done or would we do better slowing down and focusing on the task-at-hand?

You’re trying to write that report, but at the same time you’re trying to help your son Johnny with his homework, so, in the middle of the report, the one you will have to give tomorrow standing up in front of all your bosses, you type something in there about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree- probably something not too relevant to your boss now, is it?

The dinner you were trying to make while writing your report and helping Johnny is now belching smoke and the smoke detector starts to bellow…ouch! That’s tough in the ears, and P.S. your dinner is now ruined so time to order take-out.

There will always be enough time if you pace yourself. Things will get done correctly. You will feel less rushed, and the accounting department at work will get the report they were really looking for… and you will shine!


Take the Time!

DSC01646_0045Take the time…to celebrate yourself; to do things you enjoy doing. It is not a waste of time; it is an investment in your own well being.

When we take time for ourselves it means that we matter and that the things we want matter too. They don’t need to be shoved aside all the time and they don’t need the “when” game played with them either… the “I’ll do it when I’ve done this or that” because that “when” never seems to get here; we’re always too busy to take care of us.

But doing things you like makes you happy, and being happy puts you in that higher vibratory state and that where you’re also most effective as well.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

990205258_022Don’t wait until it’s too late…to mend fences with someone you might have had a disagreement with. Don’t let months or even years go by.

We never know how much time we have in this life; many times we say “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow, or maybe next week,” but then we never get to it at all.

And then, that person may be gone.

And so we never took that moment; that moment to make a difference and put things right.

Don’t wait if there is someone in your life that you need to get back on track with…do it now!

Give It Your All!

35920035Give it your all…in everything you do. Don’t settle for being mediocre or doing things half way.

In his book “Believe You Can” John Mason tells us that those afraid of doing too much usually end up doing too little. He goes on to say that if Michelangelo had opted to paint the floor of the Sistine Chapel (a much easier job) all of that beautiful work would have been rubbed away by now from foot traffic.)

So the next time you have a project you want to tackle don’t say to yourself “Well, I’ll just do a little and then see how it is,” instead say “Let me see how far I can go with this…let me give it everything I got and more.”

I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

Why Do You Open the Door For It?

b215a04d-4bf9-4535-88dd-877297f7b014_0012Why do you open the door for it…worry! It’s not your friend; it doesn’t help you to think clearly or with confidence, it just gets in your way and makes you doubt yourself.

I remember reading somewhere, a long time ago, that 90% of the things we worry about never happen at all- so look at all the time we’ve wasted and how many upset stomachs and headaches we’ve entertained

Once you set your course, once you have a goal or idea in mind if it resonates with you, if it feels right to you then you should proceed with it.

You and your idea should go forward and not you, your idea and worry. Leave worry out of it. Kick him to the curb and leave him there and even if he begs to join you again…ignore him

It’s All in Your Reflection

35920119It has been said that your life is a reflection of you, and that if we looked in the mirror we would see who was responsible for most of our troubles.

But do we really believe that, or are we constantly looking outside ourselves for the reasons that things sometimes do not go our way…maybe it’s the weather, or our boss, or the place we live, or the friends we make or the car we drive, or…well you get the picture.

Maybe it’s time to sit down with the person we see in that reflection and have a serious talk with them. Maybe we need to ask them what their role might have been in any difficulty. Maybe we need to see what could have been done differently for the next time. Maybe we need to concentrate on improving ourselves to turn in the best possible performance before we blame the guy down the street when things don’t exactly right.

Spend some time with that reflection; it just may give you the answers you really need.

Are You Hanging In There?

35920025Are you hanging in there…or do you just “let go” with every little setback? Do you persist with an idea or goal or do you set it into motion, give it a little push, and if it doesn’t go anywhere then you kick it to the curb?

It has been said that many a dream or goal would have come to fruition if it would’ve been given a little more time It’s like planting some seeds, digging them up a short time later and then saying to yourself “Hey, there’s nothing happening here…it’s still just a seed.”

Ideas take time. They take dedication to see them through and a positive mindset that “goes with the flow” and sees little twists and turns as just part of the road that their dream must travel on to come to full bloom.

Don’t let your dream die an early death…hang in there.

So Are You?

990205258_030So are you…enthusiastic? Do you get excited as new opportunities or situations come your way or do you just kind of open one eye halfway, look around and then close your eyes again and sigh? Does the slug that just slithered past your feet have more get up and go than you?

Being enthusiastic about your life and the events in it mean a more fulfilling life-period. Being excited about trying new things and having new experiences can open up new worlds for you.

But, if you just want to keep sitting in that chair (yes I can see you from here) saying something like “I’ll try it next week,” or “Oh yeah, maybe next year I’ll do that” means you’re pretty much not going anywhere…and that’s a shame because there is so much to experience in our wonderful world…don’t get left out:)