Just Stop For a Moment

990105679_002Just stop for a moment…and think about all you have and take the time to really appreciate it.

This is a picture of my kitty, Chanel. She loves ice cubes. She’ll stand at the refrigerator the moment somebody walks into the kitchen and meow her head off for one. So every once and awhile I give her one which she promptly carries off and then stares at it for a minute. But then she’s back again looking for another, leaving the first one to melt on my tile floor.

Chanel is always in search of another ice cube…but they are all the same; made uniform by the ice maker.in the fridge.

And sometimes we do that too…we want something so badly and then we get it…and we are happy for awhile but then we think “Hey, that wasn’t so great.” And then we are on to the next thing…that we want so badly and then we get it and then well, you know the rest.

Why not be grateful for what you already have? See how beautifully what you already have fits into your life. See how happy it can make you.

It’s fine to want things and it’s fine to get them, but realize these things will not change who you are or what you feel…only you can do that. It comes from a feeling inside you and not from a new car, or a closet full of new clothes or…an ice cube:)


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