Are You a Good Listener?

DSC01637_0050Are you a good listener? Or do you cut people off in an attempt to talk over them? Do you voice your opinion even when you haven’t been asked? Do you attempt to tell others how to run their lives when they confide in you; many times making them feel bad in the process?

Do you then wonder why fewer and fewer people actually want to have a conversation with you and sometimes go out of their way to avoid you?

What if you REALLY listened to what others had to say; completely and silently until they were done and then voiced your opinion only after being asked to do so? What if you realized that we are all different so what’s right for one person might not be a good fit for another; so telling people how to run their lives might not be such a good idea?

I bet that, if you did that, lots of people would want to talk with you and that lots of people would be there for you when you need a sympathetic ear:)


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