Do You Cut Yourself Some Slack?

334af351-cfa7-4852-9bce-330d7ad4104e_0010Do you cut yourself some slack…when you make a mistake or do you play it over in your head and talk about it every chance you get? Do you use it as a way to punish yourself and to bring yourself down? Do you even go over stuff that happened years ago and that everybody has forgotten about but you?

Is it really getting you anywhere? I mean it, has anything positive come out of all the grief you’re causing yourself because if there is well then I guess you should keep doing it.

But after careful consideration you’ll probably find that you really haven’t learned anything, that you really haven’t changed a thing by dwelling on all this and maybe it’s time to let it go? Maybe it’s time to realize that we all mess up from time to time and there’s nobody that’s perfect in this world? Maybe it’s time to give yourself a break? I think you should, what do you think, isn’t it time you were kinder and more understanding with yourself?

BTW, if you do find a perfect person please give them my phone number; I’d like to meet them;)


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