Be Nice!

3f1d385a-e90f-4d16-9321-d809fb5d2f6e_0025Be nice…okay, I know it sounds vague but what I mean is, when life presents you with situations where you may choose to scream and yell…stop for a moment and think- is this really necessary?

Let me give you an example. Yesterday i got an email from QVC (shopping channel on television for those of you who may be outside the US and not familiar with it) that told me I was getting a refund of three dollars from a Christmas tree I purchased. It seems the tree went on sale after I purchased it and they were sending me the difference.

The trouble was that I did not purchase a Christmas tree. We have eight cats so we have a lighted ceramic one we use. We gave up on trees (whether real or artificial) years ago. When I called customer service I got a woman who seemed very flustered; when I said I got an email all she said was “Was it about a Christmas tree?”

She went onto say a mass email had been sent by mistake to everyone who had ever ordered from them and please disregard it. I was polite and told her it was no big deal and thanked her. She said I was one of the nicest people she spoke to all day; most people were screaming at her.

There was no reason to get mad. Mistakes happen and it was not a big deal. No one charged me for something I didn’t get nor did I get an unwanted package at my door. There was no reason to get mad at this poor woman who didn’t even send the email in the first place.

So, the next time before you’re tempted to fly off the handle think to yourself “Is this the way I’d like to be treated?”


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