He Didn’t Know Any Better

ab7909f7-319d-4e14-85f2-a242a858f7ff_0031In his wonderful book “You Are What You Think” author Doug Hooper tells us of a true story of two men; one owned a car dealership the other was an accountant Now this was at a time when the economy was a little slow and car sales were down, The other man, the accountant, had grown tired of his job and wanted to try his hand at selling cars.

Saying nothing, the dealership owner hired him because this guy really wanted a new job badly.

The next month the dealership hit an all-time high in sales. This man outsold all the other salespeople combined. And the reason?

He didn’t know the dealership was in a sales slump. While the other salespeople thought that anyone who walked in was there just to look, this guy assumed they were there to buy a car…and so he sold them one.

Think about it…

What is more important, the facts or what you perceive as the facts? We create our own reality.


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