So Are You Gonna Let It Go?

990205258_022So are you gonna let it go… resentment and anger? Or are you going to hold onto it? Do you hold grudges about everything that happens, even the little upsets of the day, with the attitude of “Oh yeah, she thinks she can do that to me? Well she’d better watch her step. She has no right to talk to me that way!”

And then you’re mad. Mad, mad, mad and the more you think about it the madder you get. And while you’re busy working yourself up into a frenzy; while you’re almost foaming at the mouth, the other person doesn’t even know they said something to annoy you. They’re relaxing in a hot bath or enjoying a nice dinner, while you just can’t eat because you’re just so…mad..

And you know this stuff happens all the time. Family members don’t talk to each other for years because one said to the other one “I don’t think that dress is very flattering on you.” Or “You bought a Chevy? Are you kidding me? You know Dad always told us to buy a Ford.”

And these angry feelings just stick…if you let them; if you roll out the welcome mat for them they’ll stick around for sure just making you miserable. And it can escalate until it ends up something like this- “Did you say Aunt Edna passed away and her funeral is when? We’ll I’m not going because twenty five years ago she told my mother that she didn’t care for her taste in furniture. In fact, I stopped going to any family dinner I knew she’d be going to years ago because of that.”

Really? Are you kidding me? Your mother doesn’t even have that furniture anymore because she’s redecorated three times since then. And when you ask her about it she says something like “Oh yeah, I don’t even remember that.”

Let it go. Really, right now. Make amends you’ll feel better. You will. You’ll actually feel better speaking to that person than you would being angry at them.

Try it. You won’t be disappointed.



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