How Do You Know…Really?

DSC01667_0034How do you know really, how you would react in another person’s situation? How do you know?

Ya know, it all sounds so perfectly logical when you say something like “Are you kidding me? Why would Sheila take that old boyfriend back after all the grief he caused her? Or “Keith has gotta be nuts. I wouldn’t work for that company if the only other option I had was to beg in the street. He’s insane.”

Well, you’re not Sheila and you’re not Keith. Your feelings are not invested into each of these situations like theirs are. You have not had their life experiences. You cannot get inside their heads and see exactly what’s going on in there.

Listen, we’ve all done it. We’ve been quick at one time or another to pass judgement on someone else. We’ve been quick to say they’re crazy, or misinformed, or some other not-so-nice thing.

But the truth is that they’re none of those things…they are making choices based on their own feelings, feelings that may (and probably are) different from yours.

The next time you do something think about it. Do you really want somebody saying that you’re out of your mind for doing it? Or would you rather have some support, a kind word, a smile?

You don’t have to answer me, I think I know what you would choose and I would do the same.


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