So Then, Why Don’t You?

101_0150So then, why don’t you…do something you want to do?

I’m not talking about the stuff you think about on a whim; like flying to Tahiti for the weekend when you’re stressing over paying your electric bill, or running away with the lawn care guy because he looks good in that pair of jeans he’s wearing when both of you are married (but not to each other)

No, I’m not talking about indulging in those flights of fancy that strike us from time to time; if we did that we’d never get anything done, no I’m talking about doing something you really want to do, have the resources to do it, but somehow…you never do. Why?

Let me give you an example.

Last week you complained because your friend Pamela went away for the weekend to the same beach resort that you’ve been saying you want to go to for months now. You checked the place out online. You sent away for a brochure.You talk about it every chance you get. You’ve got the money and you have the time…but still you don’t go, making up vague excuses as to why you don’t.

But yet you are envious of someone who, in that same situation, does go.

The next time that happens (or something similar) take the plunge and go. yes, go and enjoy yourself. Don’t make up excuses that you know don’t really hold water. Don’t deny yourself, because you deserve to enjoy yourself.

Okay, every day doesn’t have to be a party, we all have responsibilities in life, but an occasional “me first” attitude will relax you and give you confidence that you are worthy;  that you do deserve to have a good time.

Try it…just once, and see how it feels:)


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