Do You Bend In the Wind?

35920035Do you bend in the winds…the winds of change, or do you break at the slightest breeze?

Do you accept change as part of life and focus on the positive aspects of each situation as it presents itself…or is each change a signal that “the end is near?”

Look, change is part of life. We can’t avoid it. We can’t stay locked in our homes with the covers over our heads and try to pretend like it’s still 1975? (okay, if you weren’t alive in 1975 or you were too small to remember then you pick a year- I’m just making a point here;)

Things change; the way we do business changes; people change with each new thing they learn and each new product that comes on the market- it changes the way we do things.

Things change as we get older (and hopefully wiser) and we see things from a new perspective.

We need to take each one of these changes and really look at it and then see how it can benefit us, instead of saying something like “Are you kidding? I’ve been doing this (you fill in the blank) for twenty years so why should I do it differently now/”

Instead, look at it and say :Even though I’ve been doing ___ for twenty years this may be a better and easier way to get it done. Let me see how this can help me.”

Give change a chance.



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