What Frequency Are You On?

990205258_030What frequency are you on? What station are you tuned into?

Are you on a higher frequency, one of love or gratitude or enthusiasm? Do you jump up each morning just waiting to greet the new day and get going? It feels good to be tuned into one of those stations, doesn’t it?

Or are you are one of those lower frequencies, tuned into one of those stations that has so much static on them that no one listens to them; they just get passed over. You know those stations- they have names like fear and guilt and anger. When you’re there you don’t feel very good, it’s like being in some kind of “twilight zone” and you don’t know which end is up. You just kind of go around in circles just hoping to break out of it and get moving again.

But what frequency you spend the most time on is totally up to you. I know which one I’m going for.


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