It’s Like Santa Claus

990108468_026I was in the mall today and I was watching a little boy sit on Santa’s lap and tell him exactly what he wanted for Christmas. He left nothing out; in fact, he had a pretty long list. He looked right at Santa in positive expectation that each thing he asked for would be waiting for him under his Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

And I got to thinking, as I ate my pretzel on a nearby bench, that Santa Claus is like the Universe; we give it a list of what we want, in vivid detail just like that little boy, and we expect that we will get what we ask for.

The little boy has it exactly right…a kind of “ask and you shall receive” kind of thing.

He’s got it right…but do we? Are we asking and expecting that it will be ours?

And there’s one more thing…we don’t have to wait until Christmas morning, the Universe is open 24/7.

So go ahead and ask…operators are standing by.


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