Choose Wisely

990108468_028Choose wisely…when you think of others. Be compassionate. Be understanding. Think about how you would feel in their situation and don’t judge.

Don’t complain and say things like “Oh this one is like this and I don’t like it” or “Oh yeah, she never knows what she’s talking about,” or “I’d never act like that.”

Because, if you find the behavior of other people to always be irritating to you, then all you will attract is the same kind of people…and you’ll always be irritated.

But if you say things like “Yeah, I can understand his doing that,” or “Yeah I think they made the right decision for them,” or “I know they’re upset. Let me see what I can do to help them,” then you will find your life flooded with friendly, helpful people who make you smile.

So choose…irritation or smiles?

I know which one I’m going for:)


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